She Likes Us! Kate Hudson Really Likes Us!

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She Likes Us! Kate Hudson Really Likes Us!

We love it when MyFitnessPal users share us with their friends and say nice things about us on Facebook and Twitter, so we were absolutely over the moon when we heard Kate Hudson recenlty talked up MyFitnessPal in SELF magazine.

It turns out the A-list actress learned about MyFitnessPal from an equally talented friend—and now Hudson is hooked! “My friend Ginnifer Goodwin told me about this app MyFitnessPal, and then I got obsessed with it, because knowledge is power,” Hudson told SELF. “I memorized everything, so if anything gets on the table, I literally know how many calories it is,” she said.

And it’s not just salads for the star of the upcoming action-packed film Good People. “The greatest day of my life was when I realized a small piece of pizza was only 150 calories. I was like, ‘That means I can have three slices for a meal!’” Hudson told SELF.

Read the entire article, Kate Hudson Shares Her Secrets to Health and Happiness, on for more great healthy living tips.

Have you introduced any of your friends to MyFitnessPal. Tell us in the comments!


Photo: Miguel Reveriego

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