September Member of the Month Contest Winners: Pamela D + Kimberly H!

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September Member of the Month Contest Winners: Pamela D + Kimberly H!

In the the September Member of the Month contest, we asked you to send a photo of yourself and a friend (or two or three) cooking a healthful meal, working out, or doing whatever you like to do to stay healthy together. We also wanted a few words describing how your family or friends have helped you stay inspired and on track with your health goals.

As usual, we heard a lot of inspiring stories and feel lucky to know we may have helped out a little. It’s great to see so much hard work paying off for so many people.

Big congratulations to this month’s winner, Pamela D and Kimberly H! Together, they have lost over 140 lbs. For sharing their success story, they scored TWO Striiv Play smart pedometers – one for each of them!

Pam wrote:

“Kimberly (on the left) and I have been working out for two years, tried all sorts of different workouts and diets, some worked some didn’t, we did some ‘til they quit working and then did others when those quit working. What we both found out was Exercise plays a big part of it along with a good healthy diet. She does Weight Watchers and that helps with her accountability and points, I do t.o.p.s. for accountability and high protein for diet. We joined Planet Fitness and workout 5 times a week usually 1-1/2 hr to 2 hours a day and feel great! Neither one of us could imagine we would have come this far! She has lost 72 pounds I have lost 70 and only 18 to go to my goal! MyFitnessPal has played a HUGE part in our success! I record everything I eat (which YES it does help) and all my exercise and water too, it’s really been one amazing tool to help keep me motivated and keep track of my progress! Tried other programs like Loose It and such – by far MyFitnessPal is the best! Thank you for making this app, and please pick us to win – we both work so hard!!”

Here’s a victory shot of them post-workout:

Pam and Kim Working it Out

So keep up the inspiring work – we love hearing your stories and seeing the pictures. Check out our Facebook page to stay in the know about November’s contest!


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