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Why Sam Decided to Run 1,000 Miles With a Stroller

by MyFitnessPal
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When Sam was in his early 30s, his life included late nights and a half-pack of cigarettes each day. But that all changed in when his daughter was born in 2012, and Sam decided to live a better life for her sake — and his own.

After signing up for his first half marathon shortly thereafter, Sam knew he would be in for a challenge facing his first real training plan. To increase his chances of success, he set an ambitious goal of running 1,000 miles in one year with his daughter in a jogging stroller.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”HEX 0073bb” class=”” size=””]“That impact that I’m having on her is enormous.”[/perfectpullquote]

What happened after that was more than just miles. Sam and his daughter, Iris, shared conversations, experiences, memories and, yes, many miles as he completed his training and 1,000-mile personal goal.

As Sam notes in the video, their journey was much about much more than running. “If there’s anything I could pass on to my daughter, it would be a passion for achieving your goals and setting big things in your way that you hope to achieve,” he says. “That impact that I’m having on her is enormous.”

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