Run Smoothly With Our New Partner: iSmoothRun

by MyFitnessPal
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Run Smoothly With Our New Partner: iSmoothRun

New iPhone app automatically syncs your workout info to your MyFitnessPal profile.

Run like you never have before with iSmoothRun, a new iPhone app that will help all of you runners, cyclists, and triathletes stick to your training plans.

While the app is primarily focused on endurance athletes, it will also work well for newbies or anyone who just wants to plan and follow regimens.

One of best things about iSmoothRun is that it fully integrates with MyFitnessPal. All of your activities and your calories burned automatically sync to your profile, making exercising and logging progress that much iSmoother. Calorie calculations even take your heart rate into account.

iSmoothRun is loaded with handy features, like an indoor/outdoor GPS/Pedometer, support for all the top Heart Rate monitors and speed cadence sensors, cadence tracking and built-in metronome, powerful interval/workout editor, coaching, and loads of maps, graphs, and statistics.

One fun-and-useful feature is the ability to track the mileage of your running shoes. Pair as many shoes as you like with your app and never again suffer the indignity of old, floppy running shoes that are past their prime.

The run/walk timer and high cadence running features are helpful for triathletes and novices alike, and auto-logging of weather conditions will give you a reminder as to why you were a little slow that day. The app supports English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish.

Get the iPhone-only iSmoothRun for $4.99, here.

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