How to Redefine Your Goals: An MFP User’s #ResolutionReset Journey

Kim Westerman
by Kim Westerman
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How to Redefine Your Goals: An MFP User’s #ResolutionReset Journey

Don’t look now, but 2016 is more than half-over. How close are you to achieving your fitness and weight-loss objectives? If it’s time to reset your resolution, MyFitnessPal is here to help with a comprehensive look at how to reassess and adjust your goals.

As part of #ResolutionReset August, we’ll be following MyFitnessPal user Kim Westerman, a mother of two in Berkeley, Calif., as she shares her fitness journey with a weekly check-in. Here is Kim’s first blog post.

I love to exercise, and I love to eat, pretty much in equal measure. Luckily, I’ve always been in pretty good shape. I was an athlete throughout my high school and college days and remained very active throughout my 30s and 40s. Even when I had my first child, at 42, I gained only 20 pounds and stayed active for close to 38 weeks.

I’ve never had to worry much about what I ate because my metabolism was high enough that maintaining a healthy weight was pretty easy. Even when I moved to the Bay Area 10 years ago and started writing about food for a living, I managed to keep the muffin-top at bay.

Then 50 came along. The urban legend that “50 is the new 40” became instantaneously demystified for me, in a visceral way. Right on cue, I started gaining weight around my middle. My pants got tighter, and I started to cringe at the thought of putting on a swimsuit. And even though I bike most everywhere for transportation, and walk at least five miles a day just getting around, my free time for additional workouts was drastically reduced when I left my day job a year ago and became a full-time freelance writer. Add to that caring for two little kids (now seven and two), juggling multiple assignments, and traveling frequently for work, and I had a recipe for disaster — or, at least, discomfort.

I think one’s 40s and 50s mark the time when we make choices about which direction our overall health will take, at least those parts we can influence. And I intend to be someone who chooses health over hedonism, prioritizing healthful food choices and regular exercise, while still enjoying good wine and other extravagances now and then.

My goals for this resolution reset are simple: lose 15 pounds over the next three months by tracking my intake (diet) and output (exercise) with MyFitnessPal and Under Armour’s high-tech scale that measures both weight and body fat, both syncing with my phone to track my progress.

I think I need this kind of self-monitoring because my well-meaning tendencies get crushed by an extra glass of wine at dinner or a cupcake at a kid’s birthday party. Making what I choose more transparent to myself will give me the boost I need to reset before my 50th year is over. Wish me luck!

What’s your resolution for the rest of this year? Join the conversation and share your goals with the MyFitnessPal Twitter handle using the hashtag #ResolutionReset.


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About the Author

Kim Westerman
Kim Westerman

Kim Westerman is a freelance travel, food, coffee and wine writer and a longtime writing teacher with an interest in mindfulness and contemplative studies. She lives with her wife and two young children in Berkeley, California.


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