Our New Partner: Glow

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Our New Partner: Glow

This unique app uses data science to help women track their fertility window.

Please join us in welcoming our newest partner – Glow! Glow is a health care data science company that recently launched their first mobile app, one which uses personal data to help women gain better insight and control over their reproductive health. The Glow app, available globally on the iPhone, helps women track their ovulation data.

Diet and exercise are key factors when trying to conceive, and studies have also shown that Body Mass Index (BMI) is a very important factor as well. The good news is that BMI is trackable in MyFitnessPal, and that your MyFitnessPal info now syncs with the Glow app. Users can log into their Glow account with their MyFitnessPal credentials and automatically port over their MyFitnessPal data. Armed with this info, Glow can then get to work!

The app leverages data science to better inform users and their partners of their ‘fertility window’ with personalized information, statistics, and recommendations. Glow uses data science from some of the best doctors and medical teams in fertility, including Shady Grove Fertility in Washington D.C. and Pacific Fertility Center of San Francisco, California.

Through the Glow app, U.S.-based users can also access Glow First™, the world’s first and only fertility funding community. Glow First is a non-profit program that helps make fertility treatment affordable by letting you “pool” your risk with a large group of healthy couples. Learn more about Glow First now.

Glow science.

Interested in finding out more about the Glow app and linking it with your MyFitnessPal account? Check them out on our app page.

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