Our Latest iOS Update Is Here!

by MyFitnessPal
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Our Latest iOS Update Is Here!

Based on your feedback, we’ve been working on a number of improvements and are excited to announce our latest release for iOS. This release is full of new features designed to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

Improved! Faster and easier navigation  With the new central Add button, you can log food, exercise, weight and water consumption — or post to your newsfeed — from almost anywhere in the app! The improved navigation also makes it easier to view your diary and see your progress. Once in your diary, it’s easier to add foods to individual meals. Based on your feedback, we’ve also made further improvements to the diary editing tool.

New! Food Insights Over the past few months we’ve been refining a powerful new feature called Insights. In this release, we’ll begin showing you information about how certain foods fit with your nutrition goals as you add them to your diary. These insights go beyond just calorie counts, and give you a better look at how foods fit into your overall nutrition goals.

New! Access our blog in the app Our Hello Healthy blog aims to make your journey to a healthier life easier, more fun, and more delicious. It’s now available in the app and optimized for your iPhone and iPad.

Download the new MyFitnessPal iOS 5.5 release from the app store today and let us know what you think!


Not on iOS? We’re currently in the middle of beta testing our next Windows Phone release, and the next feature-packed version of our Android app is in development right now. There’s a lot to look forward to in both releases and we can’t wait to tell you more.

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64 responses to “Our Latest iOS Update Is Here!”

  1. Nice update MFP. Really like the new flow. Pretty easy to use and manage. Will explore more soon!

  2. Avatar Mindy says:

    just updated on ipad, I see nothing different…..

  3. Avatar Chris Jutting says:

    Very excited for the Windows Phone update. If you need any more beta testers let me know.

  4. Avatar markd85 says:

    Theres a lot of features of the app I wish would be incorporated into the website because i use both. like the live updating of search within your recent/frequent foods.

  5. Avatar michelle says:

    I dont have the coloured circles you show above for status, water, food,exercise, weight?

  6. Avatar Jerrod says:

    Been testing this update for awhile, and love it. Well done, MFP! Now, let’s bring on the iOS 8 “HealthKit” integration!

  7. Avatar Vic says:

    Any for Android? All I world like is to be able to change my weekly start date.

  8. Avatar mayerrocks says:

    Where is the helloehealthy blog in the iPhone app?

  9. Avatar Matt says:

    No update on my iPad, odd

  10. Avatar CrankyGoat says:

    Love the update, well done MFP team – keep up the great work. Particularly like the subtle improvements to the Food Diary.

  11. Avatar Paige says:

    Quick questions:
    1.) Where on earth are my net calories?
    2.) Why is everything so large, with so much white space? It makes the app very hard to use when you have many friends. Is there an option to change this?
    3.) On that note, can I hide the sections for “meals” I haven’t eaten? With all the extra white space that’s been added, they are very much in my way.

    I’m glad I can access the blog now though, that’s a plus!

  12. Avatar Chelc says:

    Anyone else having the problem with the “show diary food insights” on iPhone 5? I click it, go back to diary then go back into settings and it’s un selected again? Already tried restarting my phone.

    • Avatar Rens says:

      Same here! But besides this and the extra scrolling I really like the new app!! (Would still like to see more vitamins and minerals and a way to oversee my water consumption though, maybe in the next update? Keep going! :-))

    • Avatar Paige says:

      Same problem on the 4s. :/

    • Avatar Gems Payne says:

      If you go into the settings you can turn on the good diary insights as it seems with the update they’re automatically off!

      • Avatar Paige says:

        Thing is, it immediately turns itself back off as soon as you navigate to a different screen…. :/

        • Avatar Adam August says:

          I got a reply from mfp about this, saying that the feature hasn’t yet had the database for the insights populated. So it defaults to off. They should be introducing it over the next few weeks.

          Maybe they should have mentioned this in the release notes.

    • Avatar Erick says:

      Same problem ): it unselects itself automatically for some reason …

  13. Avatar Kylie says:

    Like much about the update but can’t find my net calories! :-/

    • Avatar Gems Payne says:

      Bit of a round about way of finding out but if you click on nutrition then weekly you can see your daily net cals.. I can’t see it either on my home screen or diary bit so this is the only way I can see it!

  14. Avatar Curlymvdw says:

    I don’t see the total of calories per meal anymore, see my screen shot, anyone knows how to fix it?

  15. Avatar ProMooch says:

    Agree with others, just updated so there’s a lot to get used to but my instant dislike for not having the Net calories in the calorie equation at the top. I always use my Net calories for a base to work with and to see where I am with things, especially after exercise.

    • Avatar Di Stackhouse says:

      Net calories are in the gray bar with Goal, Food, Exercise, Net and I have Fitbit and so my steps show there as well.

      • Avatar Paige says:

        Some people say that’s where they still are, but I see no trace of them. For me, it looks like:

        “Calories left” | “Goal” – “Food” + “Exercise”

        (Which is kind of an illogical equation too, since we all want to know how many calories we’ve subtracted from the food that we’ve added, but that’s just a minor issue.)

        I don’t see them with my step counter turned on either.

    • Avatar Gems Payne says:

      Bit of a round about way of finding out but if you click on nutrition then weekly you can see your daily net cals.. I can’t see it either on my home screen or diary bit so this is the only way I can see it!

    • Avatar ProMooch says:

      Thanks for all the responses, Net calories are nowhere to be found, I appreciate the use of the weekly bar chart but it’s not ideal.
      On another note the app just seems so slow and laggy, also my news feed is appearing pretty empty so presuming there’s an issue with that too.
      I’m not keen on the new design but will soon get used to it if it at least works properly.

  16. Avatar LucasEVille says:

    I don’t want your blog. I want the forums!

  17. Avatar Di Stackhouse says:

    I have Ipad 2 and I see Hello Healthy in the menu area on the left side. At the top in the gray bar are Goal (calories), Food, Exercise, Net and I have Fitbit and so my steps show there as well. Above that in larger font are your Calories Remaining. The pie chart is still there showing your Nutrients percentages. Everything else looks the same. It would be nice if the Forums were available and if you could view your friends pictures and personal information.

  18. Avatar Frustrated says:

    Very disappointed with the changes. All fluff little substance and several things seem to be missing or do not work. Are more keystrokes designed to burn more calories? They so not help the app at all.

    • Avatar JB says:

      Is it just me or what are the benefits of this version.. I can not see total of calories per meal either… I am also in the Netherlands.. Man.. This sucks.. I liked the previous version better..

  19. Avatar Francesca says:

    i like the look of the new app and the central wheel thing makes me happy. I found the side bar really irritating so having it under ‘more’ is a massive win for me BUT I can’t get the food insights setting to save as on so no idea whether these are motivatioal/useful or not

  20. Avatar kittydog313 says:

    I don’t like the update. I can’t find net calories, water totals, and strength training.

    • Avatar kittydog313 says:

      I found where you enter water totals and strength training under the +. I still can’t find net calories.

      • Avatar Geoff Nash says:

        Not sure what you mean by net calories (or if it is a bug that has been fixed since it is 18 days later). Do you mean Quick Calories?

  21. Avatar Kelsey says:

    Love the updates, and I personally love the app. Two things I would like to see in the future- 1) to be able to edit and see what was in the recipes I add to my diary (this is the only real flaw with this app to me) 2) to be able to compare my nutrition with the average myfitnesspal user. Thanks!

  22. Avatar Maria says:

    I really like this! My only issue now is this: I work in the night shift, so I’ve added two meals and renamed some of them. They don’t work at all. I now register everything as breakfast. It works great but I’d prefer all my meals properly written down.

  23. Avatar Sade says:

    It’d be nice if I could edit my weight. I accidentally put in the wrong number so now my progress chart is not accurate.

  24. Avatar emha705 says:

    Every time I select “Show Diary Food Insights” it deselects the option. I have not been able to activate it on the new version. Is there a way to fix this?

  25. Avatar Dann says:

    add my calories and my exercise and not gives me the result of the subtracted calories. what can i do?????

  26. Avatar kathy says:

    When is it available for Android?

  27. Avatar Miguel Castellanos says:

    What happened to cardiovascular?

  28. Avatar johnnyo66 says:

    This update broke calories adjustment for steps using the iPhone 5S’s built in step tracker.

  29. Avatar steph says:

    You guys by far have the best app out there. I have used for a year and just love it! Please make a pregnancy one!! No one makes a good tracker for healthy pregnancy gain versus activity level. I have searched and searched. I can’t wait to come back after the baby is born and use your app to lose the baby weight, but I wish there was a way of tracking for ideal baby gain and tracking nutrients specific to pregnancy. Just thought I would beg!

  30. Avatar Kory Oransky says:

    Am I the only one who isn’t getting exercise credits from the MFP pedometer any more?

    Yes…..that bugs me. I want my guilt free dessert!! 😉

  31. Avatar Enrico says:

    I cant see the walked IPhone 5s M7 steps anymore in the daily schedule after the last update, only in mainpage. How can I fix it?

  32. Avatar wolfbear_ says:

    Big problem – the new version doesn’t let you delete something in the mobile app. I have to and change the item to a 0 amount so that it doesnt count in the calories/macros. Please fix!

  33. Avatar BarbeeAL says:

    I have a new iphone and do not want to load ios8. The App Store will not load my fitness pal without ios8, any way to get old version of MFP?

  34. Avatar Charles says:

    How about being able to record more Metrics?

    At the moment you have weight, how about the adding the typical info that you gat get from a weighing machine, such as %body fat, bone density and % water.

    This info will really help people meet their goals.


  35. Avatar Will Jones says:

    I don’t seem to be able get mine to show calories used for strength exercises I’ve inputted myself. Any pointers?

  36. Avatar Alana says:

    Why dont the calories that I burn show & why aren’t they subtracted?

  37. Avatar Margo says:

    If anyone can help.. I have a friend on myfitnesspal than can’t see my diary but i can see theirs.. Do you know why?

  38. Avatar Jennifer Goodman says:

    Is there a way to go back to the dial for weight logging? I liked it much better!

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