New! Text Your Logged Meals to Friends via iMessage

Glennis Coursey
by Glennis Coursey
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New! Text Your Logged Meals to Friends via iMessage

It’s hard to remember life before texting; a time when we actually had to call and talk to each other. Insanity! Texting has made life so much easier, and we’re happy to announce that  MyFitnessPal users can now share diary entries via iMessage on devices running iOS 9 and newer.

Imagine you and your besties got brunch together, and you logged everything and wanted to share it with them so they could add it all to their diary. Or you want your nutritionist to review what you’ve been eating over the course of the day. Or you cook dinner with your partner and you both want to log it. Imagine no more — we’ve made this all possible.

Now, with MyFitnessPal iMessages, you can text your diary entries to anyone who also has MyFitnessPal on their iPhone — even better, they’ll be able to log the foods you share with just a few taps. It’s that easy.


Sharing your diary or logged meals with iMessage is easy. You probably already know how. Just open your diary and tap the three dots that appear below the meal you’d like to share. Then, tap “Share via iMessage,” select the foods to share and send.

Another way to share is to open your diary, tap “Edit” in the upper-left corner, select the foods to share, then tap iMessage in the bottom-left corner of the screen.


To text, open iMessage on your device, tap the Applications button to the left of the text entry field, tap the four dots in the bottom left corner of the screen and select MyFitnessPal. Your diary will appear, and you’ll be able to select the foods you’d like to share.   


When a friend sends you a MyFitnessPal iMessage it will look like this on your iPhone:  

You can click the iMessage to see the calorie, fat, carb and protein breakdown of foods that your friend shared. You can also tap the “Add Foods” button to easily log some or all the same foods in your own diary.  

This feature is rolling out slowly, so watch for its availability in the app. If it’s not there, it will be soon. This is currently for iOS users only and isn’t available on Android or via the website.

Until next time, happy logging!

About the Author

Glennis Coursey
Glennis Coursey

Glennis has developed digital health coaching programs that have empowered thousands of people to live healthier lives. She was the Coaching Director at Sessions and Coaching Lead at MyFitnessPal. Currently she’s a Product Manager at Under Armour Connected Fitness, where she develops product for the world’s largest health and fitness community. Keep up with Glennis on Twitter: @glenniscoursey


2 responses to “New! Text Your Logged Meals to Friends via iMessage”

  1. Avatar Mike K says:

    Great feature, but you guys removed features in order to make this one happen. Before the update I was able to go into my wife’s diary and copy meals, because we regularly share meals. That made much more sense than forcing my wife to specifically text me her meals every single day. Am I missing something?

  2. Avatar Tom Mitchell says:

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