Need Inspiration to Start Walking? Read This.

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Need Inspiration to Start Walking? Read This.

From about age 1 onward, we can walk. It’s our first taste of freedom, really. It actually holds the key to everything from helping us live longer to enjoying new cities around the world to simply enjoying time alone with a podcast, or our thoughts.

These 10 motivational stories are just a drop in the bucket of insightful responses from the MyFitnessPal community on Facebook. Read on for some inspiration for getting out on a walk, then feel free to share your own story.

1. Doctors orders

2. To earn a morning coffee (we think it’s a coffee)

3. As transportation

4. Because, Pokemon

5. Vacation

6. Being ready to make a change

7. To turn my fitness around

8. The London Moonwalk, and other races

9. For the love of dogs

10. Stress relief

Did we miss what motivates you to walk? Tell us!

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