MyFitnessPal Tip: Customizing Your Nutrition Goals

by MyFitnessPal
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MyFitnessPal Tip: Customizing Your Nutrition Goals

Does your doctor or nutritionist have you following a different recommended plan than the settings in your MyfitnessPal account? Good news – you can customize your nutrition goals!

To get started customizing your goals simply login to the MyFitnessPal website – Mobile users, your login on the website uses the same username and password as the app. Once you’ve logged in, click “My Home”, then “Goals”, then “Change Goals”, and choose the “Custom” option. On that page, you can change your individual nutritional goals. When you have finished make sure you click the “Change Goals” button at the bottom of the page to instantly update your account. If you are also using a MyFitnessPal mobile app, the next time your app connects to the internet your customized goals will be reflected immediately.

Please keep in mind that MyFitnessPal distributes fat, carbohydrate and protein calories based on a percentage; these percentages can be adjusted in five percent increments. If you customize your macronutrient goals, all three goals (fat, carb and protein) will adjust to total 100%. If you have a very precise goal -for example, eating 70 grams of protein each day- you may only be able to set that goal to the nearest percentage. MyFitnessPal Tip: If you’re looking to hit a specific nutrient goal in grams or milligrams, we recommend monitoring the “total” value in your diary for this nutrient, rather than the “remaining” total.

We hope this tip about customizing your nutrition goals helps make using MyFitnessPal a more personal experience to help you stay healthy. Feel free to leave some ideas in the comments below for more MyFitnessPal Tip posts you’d like to see!

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15 responses to “MyFitnessPal Tip: Customizing Your Nutrition Goals”

  1. Avatar Ken Smith says:

    Can we add other nutrients like Magnesium?

  2. Avatar cordell says:

    you need to allow users to enter there own macros not percentages!! please look into this

  3. Avatar NikkiRBrown says:

    I love MPF and in the 3 mos I’ve been using it daily, I’ve lost over 30 lbs!

    I’m learning more about what micro nutrients I need to supplement – or eat more of. I don’t know what to do about potassium. I’m almost always short. I’ve put baked potatoes back into the rotation because, carbs be damned, they’re packed with potassium. I eat a banana daily.

    I would love to see some recipes to help me meet goals for this nutrient.



    • Avatar Brian says:

      Nikki, I’ve been using the program for about 3 weeks and I am struggling. What is your daily calorie allocation and what do you normally eat! Your results are incredible.

  4. Avatar Llbernal says:

    Would love to see the daily sugars total separated by added sugars ie glucose, and natural sugars ie fruit

  5. Avatar Rachel says:

    Is there any way to set a weekly calories goal, rather than a daily one? I plan out my calories differently for different days of the week, but always with a weekly target in mind.

  6. Avatar KimJ says:

    I would really like to be able to enter a gram amount for my fat, protein and carbs not just a generic percentage!!!
    Please make this possible!!!!!!

  7. Avatar David says:

    I have been in Fitnesspal for over a year now. Is the any way you can print any of the graphs under reports ? Like your weight gain and loss graph, Fitness, sodium extra.
    I would like to show my Dietitian the results over the last several months of my hard work.

  8. Avatar Becky says:

    I would like to be able to enter my water intake by ounces. 8 times 8 makes it 64? I really enjoy this app. Learning a lot about nutrients in foods!
    I also like the weight estmate it provides at the end of each day. (In five weeks you’ll weight….)
    Exercise log is a great benefit too!

  9. Avatar azjeffy says:

    Is there a way to stop the tracker from changing my goals on days with exercise? For example, I am doing low carbs with only 75g per day. On days when i add my cardio, it adjusts my goal. Today it raised it to 88 form 75. I don’t remember it doing this before the recent app change.
    Anybody have any thoughts?

  10. Avatar Ben D. says:

    Drink protein shake on an empty stomach treadmill for 10min
    crunches for 10min leg lifts 10min then setups for 15 min

    after the full work out eat mac and cheese with tuna mix-in

  11. Avatar Ben D. says:

    Fitness meals
    Drink a protein shake for the pre workout meal ,
    after the full work out eat mac and cheese with tuna mix-in 25 grams of protein.

  12. Avatar Vikki says:

    is there any way you can change the protein, carbs and fats to specific grams rather than %?

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