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by MyFitnessPal
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The MyFitnessPal Team in San Francisco is seeking 15-20 volunteers in the Bay Area to meet with members of our staff in the MyFitnessPal offices on Tuesday, September 10th.

We are looking for members to participate in a 30 minute session to preview our upcoming iOS update for the iPhone.

We’re primarily looking to meet with users who regularly use an iPhone to log their information into MyFitnessPal. We do also want to meet with a few members who have only ever logged into MyFitnessPal from the web.

Are you available to help?

We would love you to help us make the iOS app better! Each volunteer will leave with some MFP swag and with our deep gratitude.

Appointments will be made for 9am, 12pm, and 4pm on Tuesday, September 10th.

Please leave a comment if you are interested and available at one or more of these times (no need to specify your schedule in this topic, a staff member will follow up via email if you’re selected, beginning early next week).

We’ll make every effort to give priority to those who respond first and will lock comments when we’ve received enough volunteers.

Thank you all for using MyFitnessPal, and thank you to those in the San Francisco area with the time and interest to help us out. If you’re not local to San Francisco, but have MyFitnessPal friends who are in the Bay Area, please share this post with them!


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