MyFitnessPal Joins Forces With Under Armour!

Mike Lee
by Mike Lee
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MyFitnessPal Joins Forces With Under Armour!

Dear MyFitnessPal Members,

Since my brother Albert and I founded MyFitnessPal in 2005, we’ve been on a mission to make living a healthier life easier. Then, beyond our wildest expectations, MyFitnessPal evolved beyond being just another app. It became a community – a movement.

We believe that mission is more important now than ever. In that spirit, I have some exciting news to share.

Kevin Plank, the Founder & CEO of Under Armour, and I are pleased to announce that our companies are joining forces. MyFitnessPal and Under Armour share similar values – to empower everyone to accomplish their personal goals, whatever those goals are.

As a result of this partnership, MyFitnessPal will become part of Under Armour Connected Fitness – forming the world’s largest digital health and fitness community with over 120 million members. The Under Armour Connected Fitness suite of apps also includes:

  • Under Armour RECORD – a complete 24/7 fitness dashboard (Download: Android | iOS)
  • MapMyFitness – the industry leading GPS based fitness tracker (Download: Android | iOS)
  • Endomondo – the industry leading workout tracking and customizable training tool (Download: Android | iOS)

Together, these applications will provide a complete picture of your daily nutrition and fitness activities. We are confident that, over time, this partnership will allow us to deliver even more impactful experiences and services to you.

In the meantime, please rest assured that your experience with MyFitnessPal will not change. Our products, services and team will remain the same. MyFitnessPal will still be free to use, you own your data and Under Armour will never sell it to any third parties. We will also continue to sync with your wearable devices and fitness apps.

I just want to extend my deep gratitude to you for having been a member of the MyFitnessPal community up to this point. We know you’ll find the next generation of our community to be an even more powerful part of your happy, healthy, active life.

Here’s to your health,

Mike Lee
Co-Founder & CEO

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Mike Lee


91 responses to “MyFitnessPal Joins Forces With Under Armour!”

  1. Avatar Dana Keeney Tinnell says:

    Will the Under Armour RECORD not be available on iPad? I can’t seem to get the iOS links to work?

  2. Avatar et2brute says:

    Congrats Mike and Albert! Entrepreneurship and hard work of your kind deserves these great rewards.

  3. Avatar Moniqua says:

    I enjoy this app it has helped me when nothing else . To be cautious what I consume into my body so far I have lost 9 lbs. Along with walking on treadmill.

    • Avatar Joyfulness says:

      This site definitely works along with icardio app which transfers your workouts right to this site. I’ve already lost 25lbs. It holds me accountable for what I eat and I can see how many calories and nutrition.

  4. Avatar Pedro says:

    Im so happy for you and your brother. Godspeed on your progress. Without this app, I would still have health issues and now my Cholesterol is perfect. My sugar level us not in pre diabetes status anymore and I feel better than ever with all the differents diets I have tried in the past. So, in short, Thank you and keep doing what you guys worked hard on. Good luck and stay prosperous.

  5. Avatar Cheryl Detrick says:

    I love MyFitnessPal and am concerned about this partnership because I own an Armour39 and have been using it and Either Armour39 or MapMyFitness since October. The programs are buggy and unreliable and the tech support is below expectations. I am afraid for myfitnesspal

    • Avatar talprofs says:

      I think your concerns are well-placed. While I have no experience of either A39 (which I now intend to check) or MMF, there are other third-party apps which are very good, such as Endomondo (whichUnder Armour has also aacquired for $85m) and miCoach (powered by Adidas).
      However, Adidas is one of Under Armour’s major competitors, so its continued compatibility with MFP cannot be guaranteed.

      • Avatar Derek Kitchell says:

        Great review data for A39, talprofs. Thanks for researching and posting this. It makes investing in fitness gear easier.

    • Avatar Lauren P says:

      Armour39’s hardware hasn’t been updated in a long time… even still, I haven’t had any problems with the app… my skin is too dry to make the sensor work at the beginning of my work outs, though! My expectations might be lower than yours though, since I only paid $30 for it.

    • Avatar Carly Floyd says:

      Hi, since UnderArmour has joined the app, I’ve experienced some glitches that were not there before. Toggling between days shows false information – for example my calorie diary from the past few days is often projected several days into the future, showing what I’ve eaten on days that haven’t even come yet!
      Has anyone else experienced this? Will this be straightened out? (I am an Android user, by the way.)

  6. Avatar robert says:

    I’m worried about this app becoming a subscription or charged service.

    Also losing the ability to link it to products that are competitors of under armor products.

  7. Avatar Tammy says:

    I too LUV MyFitnessPal and would not want anything to slow my progress. 11.5# and counting. Great job MyFitnessPal and me.

  8. Avatar Mēghan says:

    Do you take suggestions for new apps to sync to that are wearable devices? I have an itek and I was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to make it so myfitnesspal and itek can sync together

  9. Avatar Sutha Muruges says:

    I’m hungry even after a big meal. Any suggestions?

    • Avatar christina eckman says:

      U may have heard of this or tried it..I will drink a glass of water before I eat. Usually dinner..that’s when I tend to overeat. This may sound silly but eat slower. This allows Ur tummy to tell Ur brain hey I’m full. There’s a dietary supplement called Garcinia Cambogia that U take 30 – 45mins before U eat. I think it does the same as the water by filling Ur stomach some b4 U eat. U HAVE YO TALK TO UR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING! What I do is drink 16oz of water as soon as I wake up b4 I eat anything this kick starts Ur metabolism & U will burn more fat throughout the day! I also take a Woman’s Muti-Vitamin every morning. These things have been helping me & I have a sugar tooth & do not like the “taste”of water. But it helps get the toxins out & I hardly ever have craving. Good Luck on Ur journey! Ur Friend in Weight Loss 🙂

    • Avatar cardcandybon says:

      Sometimes it just takes your body a bit of time to get used to not eating and eating and eating. I noticed this myself but after a week or so I got used to not continually being able to snack. Once my body got used to the schedule breakfast, lunch, dinner, then my body knew what it would be fed and when I was done. I also try to include both protein and starch in every meal. I find this will fill me up and keep me full longer. It took this app to really show me how low my protein intake was and that’s why I was hungry all the time. Finally, I guess the fiber intake really matters because fiber fills you up. If all else fails I try and make a vegetable soup (high water & fiber) with low sodium and lots of veggies (no pasta or starchy veg like potato). I have this to snack on when I have those super hungry days. I’ve even frozen a few containers just in case. I find I get into trouble when I’m unprepared. Good luck with your weight loss, I just love this app for the community. Your buddy in weight loss 🙂

  10. Avatar AlisonX says:

    Time to delete the app 🙁

  11. Avatar tommy girl says:

    We love MyFitnessPal having tried others before finding you. There is nothing wrong with making money for providing a better service (in your words community) than anyone else. However, I do not believe this merger will be in the public’s interest. Profit will always come first & freedom will always be compromised.. Surely our motto is ‘big isn’t always best’!

  12. Avatar ChrissMari says:

    Please don’t get all douche bro. Kthnx

  13. Avatar Lauren P says:

    When I read an email from Under Armour recently that said “UA Record, the complete dashboard for your fitness and activity”… I said, no, you’re missing like 80%… nutrition. Unless Record had something like MFP, there’s no way I would use it daily.

    And then… this happened…

    Honestly, I love both companies (my UA gear is always washed most often and lasts the longest)… and I am flat out excited about what will come now that all of these best-in-class apps will be able to leverage each others’ resources.

    It could be brilliant– we’re counting on you to make it that way, UA and MFP execs!

  14. Avatar christina eckman says:

    Ummm not for sure I will like the change. I love MyFitnessPal jst as it is..I think it’s great & has helped challenge me to stay under 1480 calories a day! I really really hope I do not have to delete. I’ve tried other apps b4 I found this one..none were as good! Sometimes Its Not About the $ or Being the Biggest …it’s about heath, helping others & staying true!

  15. Avatar rhysmondo says:

    Love Under Armour, love MFP. I hope it all works out!

  16. Avatar IIG says:

    Maybe not this month, maybe not this year, but this will not end well. We all know that.

  17. Avatar jeya says:

    My husband has lost 40 pounds using My Fitness Pal. He logs everything he eats and makes sure he’s getting all the nutrients he needs. I have this app linked to Runkeeper but I will be checking MMR. MFP has really changed our lifestyle of eating. I love Under Armour, so congrats and good luck with your partnership!

    • Avatar Francisca Trexler says:

      Hello, I tried to enroll the myfitnesspal. How do I start it? Does it cost you anything? What kind of program do you enroll? I have MAC bookpro. Help me please, thank you.

  18. Avatar Eric says:

    Can you please update MFP for Windows, we’re living in the stone age over here.

    INB4 You should have bought an iphone or andriod product.

  19. Avatar Brad Engel says:

    Does this partnership remove any chance of MyFitnessPal syncing with the Nike Fuel Band?

  20. Great news! Please don’t overdo it. Please don’t add 118 features that don’t really work. Please just fix what’s broken and give us things that really help us. Please.

  21. Avatar Matthew White-Chocolate McDoug says:

    How do you sync UA Record to MFP?

  22. Avatar Philip says:

    Please don’t change anything. You have been a massive help to me loose weight become fit and it’s perfect as it is!!!

  23. Avatar ruthc says:

    Congrats! UnderArmour is a great company!

  24. Avatar CJ says:

    Hey Under Armour…gives us a discount coupon!

  25. Avatar John Quinn says:

    I’m disappointed in MyFitnessPal. They should have partnered with a healthcare company, not a marketing company. This merger raises questions about the long-term intended use of our data.

  26. Avatar jwknight says:

    I play golf as often as possible including the winter months. My cold weather underclothing was purchased many years ago and was pretty good when purchased. They are silk products and as I mentioned bought in the late 1980’s. So seeing the adds for Under Armour I thought maybe, with new technology, these may be better and purchase the tops and bottoms. I did not examine and inspect the products before taking them home. I only insured with the salesperson the size was correct for me. The size was right but the product totally WRONG for a man. The bottoms lack one important item for men. Within the design of the bottoms there is no portal through which a man may relieve himself. Men must practically disrobe to urinate. Given this problem the bottom portion of this product was returned to the seller and with a complete explanation. The top worked fine.

  27. Avatar Laura says:

    I have loved the MyFitnessPal app for a long time and appreciate all the hard work and effort y’all have given in perfecting it – it is great and I hope this merger is a wonderful thing for us all. Congratulations!

  28. Avatar Josh says:

    Excited and long user of myfitnesspal! Please keep your support of Windows Phone and soon to be Windows 10.

  29. Avatar Glenn Bolton says:

    Mike, congratulations! Of all of the different web-based Nutritional Lifestyle sites, MFP is the one that has worked for me. Thank you for your hard work in putting together a site that is feature packed and the only cost I’ve incurred is the time to “go and do likewise” with the newbies after hitting goal weight last August. My hope is MFP continues in the way you have envisioned it. Thank you again for producing this tool that has changed my life…literally.

  30. Avatar Julie Pritchard says:

    sounds really good so i have downloaded it for my ipod touch,i currently use myfitness pal and love it so im hoping this will be just as good

  31. Avatar DeejayKnight says:

    Will we be able to import our MyFitnessPal information into the Under Armour apps? I’ve been a fan of UA for a good while, and would like to import/merge information if at all possible.

    EDIT: Disregard. There’s an import feature in the “Connect” settings of the Under Armour RECORD app. It imports from a sizeable list of things, MyFitnessPal included.

  32. Avatar Weberoo says:

    It would be nice if they can fix the problems. Map my walk does not work all the time. Sometimes the HRM works and other times it doesn’t even though the heart icon is active. If you end one workout and start another you have to go back and reload settings. Sometimes it works with blue tooth HRM and other times not as well as Ant+ sometimes it works and other times it wont under the same environment.. I’m not sure I will renew my member ship this year until they can prove it works. Also it fails to recognize any of my user names and passwords which I have to set up time and again…

  33. Avatar Dave says:

    Endomondo has been my go-to fitness tracking app for years, after trying just about every one out there. It’s simple and it works which is what I need. I certainly hope that UA’s acquisitions don’t destroy all of this.

  34. Avatar Shayne Dudley says:

    This sucks. I wish you guys the best but now I have to find a different app. because Lord knows this one is now ruined.

  35. Avatar rdcox says:

    Under Armour is great,..but their prices are ridiculous and they don’t do anything without a means to make more money. This may start off nice, but Under Armour will find a means to add a fee based system or something to My Fitness Pal that has been free and so beneficial to everyone, not just people that can afford apps. and monthly fee’s.

  36. Avatar Slow And Steady says:

    That’s a nice move. When will your Windows 10 apps be ready?

  37. Avatar Joe Donnalley says:

    I”m confused, can I keep using MFP or do I have to get the UA APPS?

  38. Avatar elb1199 says:

    I have been very pleased with this app to date it helps keep me honest. I enjoy being able to track my calories and weight loss goals. To join with under armour is awsome!!!! I buy workout cloths from them as well as hunting and military grade stuff as well. Great job teaming up I look forward to more to come from this app!!!!


  39. Avatar Greg Dahlen says:

    I find it a bit undignified for fitnesspal to join forces with an underwear company? For a while now I have been pushing the Masai diet. The Masai tribe live only on products from their cows: milk and beef. They never drink milk and eat beef on the same day, they say “If a man eats meat and drinks milk on the same day, he is a glutton.” Hence every day I choose, but for me it’s always fluid milk products. I drink about a gallon of skim milk a day and hardly eat or drink anything else. I am 6′ 1″ and weigh about 153 and do excellently on my annual physical. When you weigh less you are also more physically active.

    • Avatar JofJLTNCB6 says:

      Undignified?!? What do you have against underwear? Also, what makes you think Under Armour is an “underwear company”?

      5’11” 190 pounds…

      …and I also do excellently on my annual physical. Probably surprisingly to you, I am also very physically active…as if there isn’t correlation between weight and amount of physical activity within a certain range.

      • Avatar Greg Dahlen says:

        oh probably that it has piss and shit on it.
        someone told me it’s an underwear company am I wrong?
        5 11, 190 sounds a bit overweight, but I’m glad you’re doing well. Are you young, as you get older being overweight will take its toll. Would you ever consider the Masai diet, why or why not?

        • Avatar JofJLTNCB6 says:

          So you go commando then? Does that really eliminate this problem?

          A bit overweight, huh? Based on an assumption of my body composition? The only indicator I’m aware of that would say I’m overweight is a BMI calculator…which is LOL.

          I’m in my mid-40s. I’m in better shape and stronger now than I have been at any time in my life. If 6’1″ 153 is what the Masai diet gets me, then no, I have no interest in it…because (and I know this is based on a few assumptions, but) I suspect I’m stronger than you are…and I believe strong is healthy.

          • Avatar Greg Dahlen says:

            no i wear briefs, jof, but somehow I sort of think underwear companies should remain in the shadows, not getting a public partnership with fitnesspal.
            yes i was going by the bmi, but maybe you’re more muscled than most people which might change your evaluation. but it still sounds a bit heavy to me. the truth is at 6 1 and 153 a person could be strong if they lifted weights, it just happens that i don’t do that. but there’s no reason why you can’t have both, be strong and also low-weight, is there?
            I like to walk, dance, and roller-skate. Do you lift?

    • Avatar Davpul says:

      What even? The hell???


      6’1″ 240

    • Avatar Rusty says:

      That’s gross when was the last time you took a good shit 1964

  40. You forgot to link the Windows Phone Apps. Don’t worry, though. We know how to find them.

  41. Avatar DaniHint says:

    I really do hope that UA leaves the app as is without a fee. Some fit tracking devices will only sync with this app. I think it would be fraudulent to start charging a fee for an app that people require in order for their devices to work at its best. I would have bought another device otherwise. Please UA look after the client and not your pockets. This could become messy and have a knock on effect that far outreaches the immediate celebrations.

  42. Avatar Parula says:

    Can anyone give me advice on the best wearable fitness device that syncs with this app?

    • Avatar dpearce says:

      I use Garmin devices and they all sync with MFP. I have a Garmin 410 for workouts, and use a vivofit to monitor steps and sleep patterns and both will sync with MFP pretty easily. Sometimes I get a double entry in the add exercise area if both my watch and vivofit have picked up a workout, but that is easily fixed just by deleting one of the entries.

  43. Avatar Davpul says:

    Who even are all these people that hate companies that make money or sell underwear? And why do these people believe that the previous MFP overlords didn’t like money?

  44. Avatar Laverne AsIam says:

    This is great I cannot wait until I can add my Nike Fuel band to the way fitbit is compatible. 🙁

  45. Avatar Oh no... says:

    What is the last day to switch to UA? Admittedly, I am concerned about the merger and the customer experience in leaving MFP. I want to wait until the last possible day!

  46. Avatar tiggerlove says:

    I love my fitness app, I was surprised to see so many ppl compainig about it on FB. I think these cocerns should be address cause a lot of ppl use the nutribullet and My FittnessPal and to se so many ppl complaing is no good for bussiness BUT THATS JUST MY THOUGHTS. This is how it starts: Does anyone else use my fitness pal and think it is accurate for you? It tells me I need to be eating more.If I do I am going to regain everything I am loosing! I am eating plenty.It says I should consume even more carbs than I ever have! This is frustrating me so much I am thinking of just deleting it and doing what I am doing! What ppl are saying after this comment is really negative about your app.

  47. Avatar Diana says:

    My vivosmart is working magananimously with myfitnesspal. From what I had been reading in reviews regarding the interaction, I was pleasantly surprised. The battery lasts more than one week, I never take it off…

  48. Avatar MedicMoose says:

    Will there ever be a Blackberry app of Myfitnesspal or Under Armor?

  49. Avatar Loretta says:

    My question is–I have a Galaxy 5, & am 69yrs old, so I’m really not up on all the electronics! What app do I use to tell me how far I’ve walked?

  50. Avatar Tru Fit 24/7 says:

    I am so happy that have got my soul mate with the help of “MyFitMatch.Singles”. I love “MyFitMatch.Singles” and am concerned about this partnership. Good luck and stay prosperous.

  51. Avatar Annie says:

    Congrats on your success and a heartfelt thank you for creating this app. Please don’t allow big corporate to screw up our community.

  52. Avatar My fuel pal says:

    hi, the new version of my fuel pal has launched, links nike fuel band to my fitness pal, pls download and RT, shares tweets

  53. Avatar matt says:

    Ruined. The app is completely ruined. I can’t even figure out how to save a meal anymore. And no I don’t need step-by-step instructions, that’s not the point. The point is it’s not intuitive anymore. This went from being a useful app to a garbage marketing piece. Total crap. I regret that I updated it…

  54. Avatar Calum Jones says:

    It’s completely broken. Under Armour killed this app. So many bugs, so so so so SO many bugs. Throw the phone up the wall kind of bugs. Not able to edit foods randomly, food search randomly doesn’t work, crashes, items duplicating themselves or deleting themselves.

    Why would you ever partner up with Under Armour your app was perfect and now it’s trash forcing me to look for a replacement.

  55. Avatar Peter Curtis says:

    I really dislike the fact that under armor purchased myfitnesspal and started charging to use the product annually and still has the advertisements. I will never buy Under Armor as a result.

  56. Avatar chrysstevenson says:

    Worst thing that ever happened. I lost 65kg using MFP. Now the site is full of bugs and can’t even get my weekly net calories right. You took an app that worked just fine and broke it. You really should be ashamed. It’s certainly not an app I can recommend any more.

  57. Avatar FitLizIsTheBiz says:

    Hey guys! Check out this new app the FitCoin download now. App synchs with your calorie tracking device i.e. fitbit, and converts your calories into virtual money. Thats it! Its that simple yet genius. Purchase gift certificates, discounts or promotional items with your calories burned. Now thats my idea of motivation and support for being fit and health conscious. Happy Tracking!

  58. Avatar TheWeedo says:

    This is AWFUL. From being a great app I now can’t measure calories correctly at all. It automatically registers me to some UnderArmour step counter via Mapmyfitness – this incorrectly reduces my calories, and there’s nothing you can do about it apart from disconnect MMF from FP!! Rubbish. Two good apps ruined in one go. Both deleted.

  59. Avatar Pat Davis says:

    I am a long time user of My Fitness Pal. It saved my life. I was diagnosed with diabetes II and have recorded everything that goes in my mouth on MFP. When I reach 1200 Calories and 90 carbs I quit. I have gotten my diabetes under control without medication. PLEASE don’t change it. I am 86, not tech savvy and on a limited fixed income. I also am unable to follow any exercise program other than supervised warm water pool exercises. Please, please keep MFP as it is!

  60. Avatar GameOverAUS says:

    and the website has gone to shit ever since, site for the purposes of food diary, meals, recipes portion is constantly buggy, same bugs that don’t exist on the Android app and yet the App has other minor annoyances

  61. Avatar Anon says:

    I am disappointed that My Fitness Pal, which I’ve enjoyed for years, is partnered with Under Armour. I find that the hunting practices of the CEO and others disgusting.

  62. Avatar Angel Anthony says:

    It is not letting me make a page on the app

  63. Avatar Michelle Gregory says:

    This message is for any fellow ethical Vegans using MyFitnessPal. I have deleted MyFitness Pal account because UnderArmour promotes trophy hunting. They have a facebook page encouraging photos of trophy hunters with the animal they have killed. (found via a petition to ask UnderArmour to let people know they promote this) I cannot in good conscious be connected to this. Please no negative comments, I just thought I would share with fellow ethical Vegans. I have found another calorie counter, Nutritionix available via IPhone app store for your info.

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