MyFitnessPal eBook: The Rise of the Fitness Tribe

by MyFitnessPal
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MyFitnessPal eBook: The Rise of the Fitness Tribe

We’re taking a moment to celebrate you and the incredible movement you’ve created across the globe that we’re calling Fitness Tribes!

Recently, our data scientists crunched some numbers and unlocked an astounding fact: MyFitnessPal users who share their food diary with friends lose twice as much weight as other users. The finding was so exciting that we decided to dive deeper.

We conducted a survey of MyFitnessPal users and asked them how and why they’re connecting with others. It turns out you guys are forming circles of friends and support networks to help each other set and stick with your health goals—there’s strength in numbers, and there’s power in a Fitness Tribe!

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We took those survey answers, combined them with insider data and our experts’ strategies, and created a free eBook: The Rise of the Fitness Tribe from MyFitnessPal. By the time you’re done reading it, you’ll know how to form or find your own fitness tribe, and how to use it to nail your health and fitness goals.

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We’ll be celebrating fitness tribes and highlighting awesome stats, tips and, advice from the eBook on our blog. But if you want to see it all in one spot before everyone else, you can download our free eBook The Rise of the Fitness Tribe from MyFitnessPal here!

Not ready to click that link yet? Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside:

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Download our free eBook The Rise of the Fitness Tribe from MyFitnessPal today!

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