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Music to Your Ears: The JBL True Wireless Flash Headphones

Anthony J. Yeung
by Anthony J. Yeung
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Music to Your Ears: The JBL True Wireless Flash Headphones

Whenever I work out, I always bring three extremely important things to the gym: The right kind of clothes, the right kind of nutrition and the right kind of music.

For years, however, delivery of the last one has been a bit tricky. There was a time wired headphones were the only game in town, forcing you to be chained to your music source like a prisoner. (It wasn’t fun, kids.) Then they invented Bluetooth headphones, which if I remember correctly, caused widespread rioting.

But for as great as these Bluetooth options were, they usually required some kind of obtrusive behind-the-neck wire or over-the-head band, which created their own issues and were just plain annoying.

Enter the Under Armour JBL True Wireless Flash headphones.

I was thrilled to try these and I was not disappointed. (In fact, opening the box was an experience by itself.) Here are 10 reasons you should get your hands on these headphones ASAP:

  • The truly wireless experience. Unlike other Bluetooth headphones with a wire between your ears, these earbuds are completely wire-free. For lifting weights, this means you don’t have to worry about anything getting in the way during back squats, bench presses or any other move for that matter. When running, there’s no flopping wires or cords with each step. And don’t worry about the ability to pause or skip songs — this can be done by simply pressing a button on the earbuds.
  • The sound quality is on point. I’m not an audiophile or anything, but my music sounded crisp with solid bass, and the earbuds did an impressive job of muting outside noise. (This always helps because I like to really feel Barbra Streisand soothing my ears during a long run.)
  • They stay secure through all kinds of movements. This was my biggest concern: Would the buds fall out or feel loose while doing vigorous (or even light) activity? I took a few seconds to swap out the winged ear tip enhancers (I used the “small” size), and they fit perfectly. Then, to put them through test, I ran, worked out in the gym and did agility drills. They passed with flying colors.
  • They’re comfortable. Sometimes, with earbuds, security comes at the expense of comfort. Not with these. As mentioned above, the flexible ear tips come in three sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your ear shape and size.
  • It charges super fast with an awesome case. The earbuds themselves aren’t the only impressive thing you get with your purchase. The lightweight, durable charging case is perfect to throw in your gym bag, backpack or purse. Give these buds a full charge and you’ll enjoy a total of 25 hours of battery life.
  • The Bionic hearing feature is brilliant. With a quick press on the earbuds, the headphones actually allow outside noise to come in. This is perfect for two common fitness situations:
    1. When you’re at the gym. If you’re listening to music during a workout, you might need to quickly ask someone if you can work in (without yelling at them through your music). Just a quick tap and you can have a normal volume conversation and actually hear the other person — without taking out an earbud.
    2. When you’re running. One of the big things with listening to music while running is you still need to hear what’s going on around you for your (and everyone else’s) safety. With Bionic hearing, these JBL headphones help you stay safe while on the run, especially if you’re guilty of using loud music to keep you motivated.
  • They feature a clean, black design. I’m not going to name names, but the white headphones you see people wearing these days seem a wee bit garish to me. The JBL ones seemingly camouflage in your ear, which I highly prefer.
  • They’re perfect for non-sport uses, too. I found myself using them while working in loud coffee shops because they actually blocked out noise better than my in-canal headphones. This has the added benefit of letting you reduce the volume on your music, which your eardrums will appreciate.
  • They’re easy to use. Keep in mind: I am not a “techie.” (Maybe more of a Luddite, truth be told.) So, at first, I was afraid I had to press a bunch of buttons, hold this, pair that and do a secret handshake before it would even work. That, however, did not happen. It pairs with your phone or device pretty seamlessly, which made life a lot easier.
  • They’re waterproof. Unlike many other earbuds, these are 100% waterproof, which is (obviously) critical when you’re working up a sweat during a long run, grueling workout or even just getting through a hot and muggy summer day.

While these headphones are nearly perfect, I would love if there was a way to adjust the volume from the headphones themselves (instead of having to do it on my phone). I get it: There’s a million things these JBL headphones can do, but in the future, it would be cool to the adjust volume for those moments you want the song to be louder or there’s variation between song volumes. C’est la vie.

Overall, I love the headphones and I highly recommend them for a 100% wireless headphone experience with the best compliment of features, functionality and audio quality — especially for physical activity.

As for price, they’re right on par with other true wireless earbuds, so if you’re shopping for a pair, the Under Armour JBL True Wireless Flash headphones are a purchase you will not regret.

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Anthony J. Yeung
Anthony J. Yeung

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