Monday Mindfulness: How to Find Your Center in Just 1 Minute [Infographic]

Monday Mindfulness: How to Find Your Center in Just 1 Minute [Infographic]

Jamie Price
by Jamie Price
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Monday Mindfulness: How to Find Your Center in Just 1 Minute [Infographic]

Nearly all of us experience some form of stress throughout the course of our busy week. And we could all benefit from experiencing a greater sense of peace and wellbeing to balance that stress. Sometimes, a simple mindfulness practice is all we need to help press the reset button. You can do this one-minute mini-practice anytime, anywhere, and people don’t even have to know you’re doing it. Try it while sitting at your desk, riding the bus or even walking.

About the Author

Jamie Price
Jamie Price

Jamie Price is the Co-Founder and President of Stop, Breathe & Think, an emotional wellness app that recommends short personalized meditations tuned to your emotions. Jamie left the ranks of Fortune 500 America with the intention of creating positive change in our world. She was one of the founders of Tools For Peace™ and has spent the last 16 years developing curriculum and teaching mindfulness and meditation to at risk youth. Jamie has studied and practiced meditation under the guidance of a traditionally trained buddhist teacher, Lama Chodak Gyatso Nubpa since 2000. As the Co-Founder of Stop, Breathe & Think, she is regularly quoted in publications such as, Brit + Co, Bustle and many more.

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