Michigan Mom Loses 100 Pounds with MyFitnessPal

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Michigan Mom Loses 100 Pounds with MyFitnessPal

Yvette Vajcner of Detroit, MI is like most moms—so busy she barely has time to think about herself. But when she stepped on a scale and watched the number climb to nearly 260 pounds, she knew something needed to change. “I was miserable, I was crying, I felt like I was dying inside my body,” Yvette told CNN cameras.

Her first step was to clean up her diet. “I got rid of pre-packaged foods, I started buying produce, and we started buying lean meat,” Yvette said in the news report. She also started walking on a treadmill five days a week. But it was MyFitnessPal that really helped her form healthy habits and stick with her eating and exercise plans. “The app is really simple to use. It shows you your calories for the day, the food that you’ve taken in, and also extra food that you can take in because of exercise that you’ve done,” she told CNN.

Yvette has since lost 100 pounds, but her success didn’t happen overnight. “There were weeks when I wouldn’t lose anything and I’d get really discouraged,” she told CNN. Still, she stuck with it. “You do want instant results, but  you know it’s not going to happen—it’s not realistic,” Yvette said in the news report. Her advice for staying motivated: “After you make that goal, make another goal and then just keep making goals, and just keep at it,” she said on camera.

Awesome job, Yvette! Watch the full story on CNN now.

What’s your weight loss goal? Do you make small ones that add up to a big one? Share what keeps you motivated in the comments!

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