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Meat & Grain Burgers

by MyFitnessPal
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Meat & Grain Burgers

mfp ROD button finalNo grill? No problem! These drool-worthy Meat & Grain Burgers from The Runner’s World Cookbook are roasted in the oven and pack 26 grams of protein for less than 400 calories.

Runners World CookbookRunners need to eat well in order to perform, and what they eat can have a direct influence on how they run. The Runner’s World Cookbook is the perfect combination of performance-boosting nutrients to maximize performance with easy, delicious, and quick recipes. This cookbook contains 150 recipes sourced primarily from the authoritative voice in running itself, Runner’s World magazine, along with exciting additional content. These recipes are intended to maximize a runner’s performance and enhance nutritional benefits.

Photo courtesy of Rodale. Original recipe published in The Runner’s World Cookbook.

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19 responses to “Meat & Grain Burgers”

  1. Avatar Little_Monster says:

    Now THIS is a recipe, MFP! Keep it up! Love the picture, too, particularly with that delicious looking beer in the background…

  2. Avatar Kim says:

    Is the bun part of the 381 cals?

  3. Avatar mao says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! carbs are bad, period, who ever believes this article is high. 39 grams of carbs is an entire day for me. I am a diet controlled diabetic so yes I know a little about this.

    • Avatar Nick says:

      Carbs are not bad for you. Yes as a diabetic your carb intake should be lower because of the risk of high blood sugar. However carbs are not bad. I diet and my carb intake is around 150g per day.

    • Avatar tanner says:

      I am also a diabetic, a diabetic athlete at that. Carbs are an essential part of anyones diet diabetic or not. Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for an active body, without it there would be no endurance sports, no Ironman, no Tour De France, and to he honest no armature sports related to the subject. As a triathlete I consume more carbs than a normal diet would entail. If you spend your entire day at a desk, and then decide to take up couch potato status for the rest of the day, then yes, your right, carbs are bad. Please don’t classify everything you think you know into a false general statement…on carbohydrate’s behalf, how rude!

  4. Avatar MayoClinic Food Diatician says:

    Diabetic or not Carbs are bad you need carbs and even as a diabetic you intake carbs as fuel for your body

  5. Avatar Tina Walters says:

    Just had this for dinner with minced turkey, blooming beautiful !!! Needed extra seasoning but blooming beautiful

  6. Avatar Richard says:

    Made these for dinner tonight, they were great. I barbecued them instead, keep up the great recipes.

  7. […] 3. Meat & Grain Burgers | Runners World Cookbook: No grill? No problem! These drool-worthy burgers are roasted in the oven and pack 27 grams of protein for less than 400 calories. […]

  8. […] 4. Meat & Grain Burgers | The Runners World Cookbook: No grill? No problem! These drool-worthy Meat & Grain Burgers are roasted in the oven and pack 27 grams of protein for less than 400 calories. […]

  9. […] 10. Meat & Grain Burgers Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 381; Total Fat: 15g; Saturated Fat: 4g; Monounsaturated Fat: 6g; Cholesterol: 85mg; Sodium: 497mg; Carbohydrate: 39g; Dietary Fiber: 8g; Sugar: 5g; Protein: 27g […]

  10. Avatar Karine Fournel says:

    Knowing full well that as soon as I say ‘spinach’ my two guys will run for the hills, is it possible to freeze the other 5 patties?

  11. Avatar Lance Cain Jr. says:

    What is salt for water? Could you give an example of a name brand?

  12. Avatar Justin says:

    What percent beef are we suppose to use?

  13. Avatar Matt says:

    A little mushy, I’m not sure how to firm this up without adding more calories.

  14. Avatar Matt says:

    Maybe uncooked bulger would help it hold together more

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