A Letter from the Editorial Team

by MyFitnessPal
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A Letter from the Editorial Team

Dear Readers,

First and foremost, we want to take a moment to simply say how much you, our readers, inspire us. It’s because of you that we want to get better and better. We couldn’t be more honored to have you in our community — your voices, your achievements and your successes all make what we do worthwhile.

On that note, we’d like to welcome you to our new and improved site!

We worked tirelessly to make sure that we weren’t changing anything just to change it. Every change has a specific purpose. The goal is that all of our innovations connect to an improvement — and keep you, the reader, top of mind.

Just like starting a new fitness regimen or changing your diet, this is an evolution. A process. And this is just the beginning.

Below is a list of improvements that you can look forward to on our site:

One Ecosystem

As part of Under Armour, our mission is to support the entire athlete — whether you’re a beginner, an amateur, a weekend warrior or a pro. Whatever level you are, you’ll be able to seamlessly navigate through our suite of blogs: MyFitnessPal for the latest in nutrition and wellness; MapMyRun for everything fitness, running and cycling; and Under Armour Record for stories about athletes, sleep and recovery.

Better Layout

Mostly, we worked to make each page pop with more visuals and enhanced formats so that all of the articles are easier to find, easier to read and easier to share.

Intuitive Navigation

You’ll still get to read the same informative articles — focusing on nutrition, weight loss, wellness and movement — but now, they’ll be better organized into thoughtful categories.

Recipe Ratings

At a glance, you’ll know how other MyFitnessPal users liked each recipe. (Who wouldn’t want to make a 5-star recipe?) Go ahead and start rating recipes today!

We want to be your source for all things healthy. Bookmark us, share our stories with your friends and be sure to reach out. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.


Under Armour Connected Fitness Staff

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