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3 Lean Ways to Eat Red Meat

by MyFitnessPal
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3 Lean Ways to Eat Red Meat

4th of July parties need two things to be successful: a few sparklers and a great grill. But with the bounty of chow that accompanies an Independence Day bash, it can be tough to keep the calories down and still fire up the taste. Here are three ways you can enjoy the grill without sabotaging your healthy eating plan.

1. Go lean Not all beef is created equal. The US government has identified 29 cuts of beef that meet the guidelines for “lean.” Opting for lean beef means your body will reach nearly half of the recommended daily value of protein in just one 3 oz. serving, while keeping fat and sodium levels down. Besides packing in the protein and cutting the fat, lean beef helps you take in the ten essential nutrients you need to fuel your body.

So, what is lean beef? A serving of lean beef has less than 10 grams of fat and 4.5 grams of saturated fat, which translates to healthier power and great taste. The most popular lean beef cuts:

2. Skip the sauce When you use a quality beef product, you can skip out on the sauces and marinades. A good steak or burger should stand alone, saving you the added calories. If you do want more flavor, opt for a spice rub instead—rubs often contain less sugar and fewer calories than traditional marinades.

3. Halve it and wrap it The burger is often misunderstood. Topping it with cheese and a monstrous bun, can quickly take your 4th of July bash from fireworks to calorie overload and indigestion. When making your patties, cut the ground beef in half. Size matters, and maintaining the correct serving size for your body goes a long way towards keeping your health goals on track this holiday. To go the extra mile, skip the bun and try wrapping your burger in a lettuce leaf.

What will you be grilling up for the 4th of July? Tell us in the comments!


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