Is Your MyFitnessPal Ticker Showing “0 Pounds Lost?” Is It Wrong? Here’s the Fix!

Is Your MyFitnessPal Ticker Showing “0 Pounds Lost?” Is It Wrong? Here’s the Fix!

Steven Spraragen
by Steven Spraragen
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Is Your MyFitnessPal Ticker Showing “0 Pounds Lost?” Is It Wrong? Here’s the Fix!

Watching the number on the scale drop week after week can be hugely motivating—all the hard work is paying off! But seeing your weight loss ticker on MyFitnessPal can be even more powerful. We know from user feedback that not only personally rewarding, it can also fuel your friends to stay in the game for the long haul, too.

But what if you’re recording weight loss each week, and your ticker is just stuck at “Zero Pounds Lost?” The effect can be demoralizing, frustrating, or just plain infuriating.

Unless instructed otherwise, MyFitnessPal calculates the total weight you have lost based on the very first weight entry in your history. If you’ve been away from MyFitnessPal for a while, and returned a bit heavier than you were when you first signed up, your ticker will not update to indicate weight loss until you drop below your original recorded weight. Unless… you know this one little secret!

You can update your “starting weight” at any time, to allow your ticker to reflect your recent efforts. Here’s a quick and easy way to change your initial weight entry to get your ticker back on track.

1. Log in to MyFitnessPal in a web browser:

2. Click “My Home” in the Navigation Bar, and then click “Check-in” just below that

3. Click “Edit Previous Entries”

4. Enter your new starting weight in the “Starting Weight” box near the top

5. Click “Change”

Voila! Regardless of what you weighed when you first started MyFitnessPal, your weight loss ticker will now accurately track the weight you lose from this point forward.

If you’re using the MyFitnessPal app on your mobile device, your ticker will update the next time you sync the app by launching it or adding an item to your diary.

See you in a few weeks with another MyFitnessPal power-user tip!

About the Author

Steven Spraragen
Steven Spraragen

Steven Spraragen is the Customer Happiness Lead at MyFitnessPal, where teaching users about MyFitnessPal is his passion. Prior to joining MyFitnessPal he trained customers for Apple, Inc., and acting students for New York University and California Institute of the Arts. 


12 responses to “Is Your MyFitnessPal Ticker Showing “0 Pounds Lost?” Is It Wrong? Here’s the Fix!”

  1. Avatar Liz says:

    thank you!! I’ve always wondered how to do this!

  2. Avatar Chrystal says:

    Thank you so much for making this!

  3. Avatar Blah says:

    Many thanks for this.

    Mine was saying I’d lost nothing, because I’d initially started at less than I’m currently at, about a year ago. I forgot I’d installed myfitnesspal and found it again a few months ago.
    I’m sure I’d entered in my recent starting weight, but it was still set to that starting weight from a year ago.
    Rather frustratingly I figured out that I just hit my starting weight from last year, and as such I’d lost (in the whole grand scheme of things) zero pounds.

    I re-entered by December weight, and it now says I’ve lost 7 pounds. Aw yeh.. Lets just ignore that I gained another 7 before starting the diet though, eh?

    Thanks again.

  4. Avatar Zigggy says:

    Thanks so much- this is exactly what I needed!! It’s a lot more motivating to see the real 20 pounds instead of 7, lol.

  5. Avatar maxibike says:

    Thanks Steven, this was driving my wife mad! The only difference between her app and mine was that she’d previously dabbled with myfitnessapp, whereas I’ve not….so that had to be related….. but we’d never have thought of this nor found the setting. Huge thanks again, you’ve brought happiness to us both!!! Max and Ria, UK

  6. Avatar Tracie says:

    Thanks YOU!!!! Twas frustrating… 🙂

  7. Avatar Luigi says:

    Thanks, it was very disappoiting

  8. Avatar Jodi Marie Jebron says:

    Thank you so much!!

  9. Avatar Margaux Milchen says:

    my start date is saying 8/1/15 even though i have previous entries and i can’t change it. i don’t know how this happened. It used to be right

  10. Avatar Lyssa Kimball says:

    Thank you so much!! This was very frustrating…I knew it must be an easy fix, but I couldn’t figure it out until I read your very simple instructions! All set now, thanks again!

  11. Avatar snaptrick says:

    Thank you!! This one had me stumped and I never even thought to visit there.

  12. Avatar Ivey says:

    great instructions, thank you!

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