How Social Are Your Healthy Habits?

by MyFitnessPal
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How Social Are Your Healthy Habits?

Guess what!? MyFitnessPal users love showing off their healthy sides on social media. In fact, according to our recent report on fitness tribes you share the news about good-for-you meals and fitness activities you’ve participated in on Facebook more often than you share the basic life stuff. Which is smart, because broadcasting your commitments to health and fitness helps build both pride of accomplishment and accountability. Here’s what you’re posting on Facebook.

Gym Check-ins 54% of MyFitnessPal users have shared status updates or check-ins that made it clear they were at the gym or exercising

Food photos 41% of MyFitnessPal users have shared a picture of a healthy meal

App Activity 39% of MyFitnessPal users have shared an update from a healthy app or device

Race Pics 33% of MyFitnessPal users have shared photos of themselves before, during, or after an endurance event

Weight Loss Success 17% of MyFitnessPal users have shared before-and-after weight loss photos

Sweaty Selfies 14% of MyFitnessPal users have shared photos of themselves after a regular workout

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Which healthy habits are you sharing on Facesbook? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram with #myfitnesstribe!

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