Healthy Hotel Room “Cooking”

by Kristen Arnold, MS, RDN, CSSD
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Healthy Hotel Room “Cooking”

Travelling doesn’t need to derail your healthy eating or weight-loss goals. Stay on track and save money on room service with these healthy ‘cooking’ ideas. A few supplies brought from home or picked up at a corner store are all you need. These recipes are designed with the hotel room coffee pot in mind — no need for a microwave, which is not always available in hotel rooms.


  • Instant oatmeal
  • Banana
  • Trail mix packet
  • Protein powder (in a baggie or single-serving packet)


Coffee pot, mug or reusable container, plastic paring knife, spork


Fill coffee pot with correct amount of water to cook instant oats according to package instructions. Add oats and turn coffee pot on to cook. Add sliced banana, trail mix and protein powder to create a balanced and filling breakfast.


  • Eggs
  • Salt and pepper
  • Hot sauce or butter packets (optional)


Coffee pot, plastic paring knife, ice bucket


Place a few raw eggs in the coffee pot with enough water to cover them. Turn coffee pot on and cook for 10–15 minutes (less time for soft-boiled, more time for hard). Remove eggs from coffee pot and place in ice bucket filled with ice and water. Submerge eggs in ice water for 5 minutes and then peel eggs. Use hot sauce or butter packets and salt and pepper to season eggs.


  • Can of soup with pop top
  • Bag of salad with dressing included
  • Whole-grain crackers


Coffee pot, bowl or reusable container, spork


Pour the soup in the coffee pot and turn the coffee maker on to heat the soup. Cook until it reaches your desired temperature. Pair with a bagged salad and a few servings of whole-grain crackers.

About the Author

Kristen Arnold, MS, RDN, CSSD

Kristen is a registered dietitian (RD), professional cyclist and cycling coach. She is a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD), received her master’s in human nutrition (MS) from Ohio State University and is a Level2 USA Cycling coach with Source Endurance LLC. Her private practice nutrition counseling business focuses on performance nutrition for athletes. Kristen competes in national-level cycling races across the USA as a professional cyclist for ButcherBox Pro Cycling.


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