A Healthy Hack on Ice Cream for Breakfast

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A Healthy Hack on Ice Cream for Breakfast

If you asked them, my children would say they want a can of frosting for breakfast. Or the cake under it. Or, at minimum, the ice cream served alongside. The first two are absolutely out of the question. But that last morning mealtime fantasy? I’ve figured out a way to indulge it.

In truth, breakfast ice cream is more or less a frozen smoothie. Think: frozen chunks of fruit, icy cubes of dairy or nut milk and a bit of added sweetness. But instead of blending it into a drink to be slurped through a straw, it’s whipped into a frenzy in a food processor, served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon. To the child in all of us, it’s an indulgent dream made real: ice cream for breakfast.


Here’s a game plan for your spoonable, satisfying treat: In the body of a food processor, combine a 12-ounce bag of frozen peaches or raspberries with about a half-cup of yogurt, a pinch of sea salt, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract and about 3 tablespoons of honey or your favorite sweetener. Seriously puree — two full minutes, scraping down the sides as needed — until it’s completely smooth. Top it with granola, maple syrup or fresh fruit for that sundae feeling.

For a more filling, well-rounded meal, freeze rich milk-like coconut, cashew or whole milk in ice cube trays. Yogurt works, too. Add a few cubes to the fruit mixture before pureeing. Eat it straight away or freeze it for a couple of hours until firm. This cold confection won’t stay fresh for long, so only make what you can eat in a day or two.

Not healthy enough for you? Here’s the base for frozen confection idea number 3: Bananas. Peel them. Cut them into quarters. Freeze them solid. Drop them into your food processor and whirl until totally smooth. Voila! Sweet, creamy and spoon-ready one-ingredient ice cream. This culinary magic trick is almost too good to be true. No one will judge you if you dust that with some sliced almonds or a sprinkle of cocoa powder. You will likely get applause if you scoop it on top of a waffle.


I don’t often take culinary advice from children (“Pizza again?? Really?”), but sometimes the best breakfast ideas sprout from the mouths of babes.


  • Victoria Wheeler

    These blogs are so much about emulating/eating high calorie/high carb junk food treats. It’s easy to over-consume fruit in the frozen format recommended in the article. I noticed the author isn’t showing off her fit figure in the photo. Stop trying to get us to sabotage our diets, and post some low carb stuff for a change.

    • Kelly Monroe

      Your opinion of the recipe could have been expressed without making a nasty comment about the author’s photo…. and it would have saved you from sounding incredibly rude.

      You don’t know anything about this woman, her life, or her journey. I didn’t realize the only people allowed to share recipes or encourage a healthier lifestyle were those with “fit figures”.

      If you’re this offended by a banana you should probably stay off social media.

      • Mel

        Agree totally Kelly. The author’s physique should be irrelevant. I do agree on one thing though, that many articles on my FP newsfeed are high calorie, high carb recipes.
        I laughed out loud at the offensive banana comment!

      • Shawn Kuehn

        Absolutely Agree with Kelly Monroe. People are so negative these days its just sad. It’s almost like they are just waiting(like Tiger in Winnie the Pooh) to POUNCE on someone’s open, story or conversation piece. I guess I just always remember what My Mother & Grandmothers taught me “If you have nothing NICE to say DON’T ‘ say anything at all. If you have a opinion about something you disagree about “that’s just fine ** we all have the right to our own opinions”, but please just don’t do it so Sarcastically. Just remember that other person that wrote their opinion you disagree with, well they also have “THEIR RIGHT” to express it. WITHOUT being Judge, Ridicules or whatever else comments state to put them down. Sorry, for the LONG response, but I’m getting so tired of People attacking one another just because they don’t agree with each others opinion. It’s sad this world has come to that. Thank you =)

        • T-Bugg

          I wish I could upvote this at least a dozen times.

    • kayj1223

      Maybe you don’t need to read the recipe blogs! As with anything else, how MUCH you eat is up to you! You can take the healthiest recipe out there but if you eat too much of it, it becomes not so healthy! Don’t blame others for your own weaknesses. Move on instead of being downright rude!

    • Lilarose Davis

      Not impressed by your comments.

  • Jim Cook


  • candjmunoz

    I have done this! I made the banana ice cream with peanut butter and cocoa powder added. It was so good!

    I disagree that this article is an attempt to sabotage our diets. If I can eat ice cream in moderation and still maintain balance, then surely I can find a way to eat frozen bananas in moderation, too. When I made it, I limited my family to one banana a piece. If they wanted more for breakfast, I would have happily scrambled up some eggs.

    We have eaten this a total of one time in the last year. Balance is the key to any new recipe.

    • Cass_m

      Adding peanut butter and cocoa powder is a great idea for a filling breakfast. A change in eating habits is more likely to ‘stick’ if people don’t feel deprived. Serving sizes are integral.

  • Shawn

    I absolutely agree Mel It’s sad that some people just have to attack everyone else words or opinions.

  • Monica Stewart Lewis

    You are correct that fruit sugars are processed differently… Fructose is incredibly stressful on your liver. Fruit should be limited to low carb berries, very infrequently.
    A better ice cream recipe should be high-fat, low carb, no sugar.
    The fruit-ladened recipe above would spike insulin levels, putting you r body into fat storage mode, and have your kids crashing by recess (or sooner).

    • Tonya Jubyna

      As opposed to eating straight ice cream, this is a wonderful idea. If it’s not for you, simply don’t read it. And, fruit, non-dairy yogurt, nut milk and stevia? Sounds pretty healthy to me. And, if your going to have fruit, breakfast time would be best so your body has all day to use those sugars.

  • Mary Ann Bornaschella

    I think this is a great idea. I’m the Nursing Director in a long term care facility. On occasion, my residents won’t eat and this ice cream idea would help get calories in them that they otherwise wouldn’t get…and everyone likes ice cream!

  • Paula McDermott

    I agree completely with all that you said, and some of us are lactose intolerant. Regular ice cream to us is delicious, but the after effects are not pleasant.