Head-to-Toe Accessories For Fall Walking

Cassie Shortsleeve
by Cassie Shortsleeve
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Head-to-Toe Accessories For Fall Walking

Autumn often provides an ideal environment for people seeking to walk more in nature: fall colors and cool, crisp air. While fall walks are the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful foliage, they also tend to come with outfit conundrums: You have to stay warm when temperatures are low, but not pile on so much that you wind up sweaty, stripping off layers.

The answer often lies in choosing the proper accessories — hats, gloves, socks and masks (to stay safe during the pandemic) to keep you comfortable throughout the miles. The below picks work for a variety of temps, keeping you warm in the cold without leaving you wishing you had something lighter. Better yet, many of the items stay with you through winter (and even those chillier spring mornings), so consider them an investment in your year-round fitness routine.


Keeping your hands warm from the outset can make a big difference in terms of comfort, which is why gloves are integral for any cooler weather workout.

Don’t let the word “run” in the name of these gloves fool you — they’re great for any walk as well. For one, they’ve got all the technology you’d hope for in a glove (they’ll repel water, they’re super soft, and have a tech touch print allowing you to text while you trek), plus, they easily transform into mittens if you’re feeling the chill. Better yet: With a mini clip that keeps the gloves together when you’re not using them, they’re nearly impossible to lose.

For just $30, this headband and glove pack provides the staples you’ll need for any fall outing — a pair of lightweight but warm gloves (with reflective bands and shaped cuffed for a super comfy fit) and an ear band. Keep this duo by the door and they’ll quickly become your go-to accessories any time you hit the road — whether you’re walking, running or hiking all season long.


Wearing a hat reduces the amount of body heat that escapes from your head, keeping your whole body warmer.

This brightly-colored camo cap is perfect for sunny mornings, sporty outings or twilight walks (it has reflective details throughout) and has the functional features you’d expect, too. With a built-in sweatband, the hat keeps you dry. Thanks to mesh panels, it’s also got great ventilation (Read: No overheating here).

Since walks usually don’t bring the same amount of sweat a run does, so you don’t always need something super high-tech to stay warm and dry. That’s where this knit beanie comes in. While it does have sweat-wicking capabilities (and it’ll dry pretty darn fast if you need it to), it’s stylish enough for all-day wear (Read: It doesn’t scream I just worked out), whether you’re on the trails or walking to do your errands.



Depending on where you live, wearing a mask in public might be a requirement. Regardless, if there’s any chance you could come within six feet of someone else on your walk, it’s always a good idea to have one with you.

This mask was made for movement — it’s antimicrobial, water-resistant, breathable and soft on your skin. Plus, it has built-in UPF 50+ protection for sunny days (You can’t say that about those paper masks.)

If you’re hitting the pavement early in the morning when temps are at their chilliest, try this light and breathable balaclava. Thanks to UA’s ColdGear Infrared® technology, it’ll hang onto your body heat, keeping you warm throughout the miles. The chafe-free construction also ensures you won’t experience any skin irritation when picking up the pace for high-intensity intervals. Bonus: If you want to grab a coffee on your way back, this balaclava doubles as a mask.


Anyone who regularly laces up in sneakers knows socks shouldn’t be an afterthought since a good pair should be antimicrobial and keep your feet dry.

These socks provide a good amount of support (they have cushioning in all the right places and arch support so your feet don’t tire too quickly), sweat-wicking capabilities and even a reflective logo. They’re also built with an anti-odor technology so when you strip ‘em off, you won’t stink up the laundry basket.


Listening to music, an audiobook or podcast can help power your walk and keep you motivated.

These headphones are completely wireless, easy to connect to your phone’s Bluetooth and have built-in technology that allows you to hear the noises around you (important for staying safe). You can also control your music and any incoming calls by pressing a button on the earbud itself rather than reaching into a pocket to pull out your phone. Better yet, don’t stress if the weather’s not quite cooperating: The headphones are water- and sweat-resistant.

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Cassie Shortsleeve
Cassie Shortsleeve

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