Find the Workout that Matches Your Personality

Ashley Lauretta
by Ashley Lauretta
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Find the Workout that Matches Your Personality

There may be no “best” workout for getting fit, but there definitely are right and wrong options for everyone. With so many gyms and boutique fitness studios opening around the country, how do you know what workout fits your lifestyle best? We developed a quiz to give you some ideas for the workouts and activities you will enjoy the most. Here’s what you will actually look forward to doing — therefore giving you the most success.

Add all of your answers to find your most common one then find your workout type below:

You are most likely a classic introvert, meaning you enjoy quiet, introspective moments. Yoga and Pilates are both meditative practices that require you to focus on the mind-body connection. Though barre classes are often done in a group setting, you will enjoy the structure and small, pulsing movements of the exercise that can often be calming (even though yes, it totally burns). Should you be looking to hit the gym, working with a trainer one-on-one is your best option — with a ‘cheerleader’ type versus drill sergeant — who can coach you through moves and help you learn your way around the gym, which can be intimidating for newcomers.

These are all great fitness options that will not only get you outdoors, but can be done either solo or in a group, offering some flexibility. All of these have a meditative quality your introverted side will enjoy — whether you are swimming laps in the pool, paddling through the water watching the sunrise or focusing on your breathing as you train for a 5K. You’ll also get some great aerobic fitness along the way.

You love being around people and these group, full-body workouts let you get fit with your friends. These activities are great because they offer some adventure but still allow you to talk and socialize during the process. You won’t be too out of breath to congratulate your friend as they execute the perfect right hook or take a water break together after a game in your tennis set.

You are hardcore. You want adventure and you crave extreme challenges. These high-energy, loud workouts are perfect for you and you won’t get bored thanks to the constant change-up from workout to workout. If you are the competitive type, CrossFit lets you compete against others (and yourself) — or if you prefer to get outdoors, rock climbing will give you an adrenaline rush as you rappel down from a high peak. Mix it up with a spin class for some high-energy moves and music and to add cardio to your routine.


About the Author

Ashley Lauretta
Ashley Lauretta

Ashley is a journalist based in Austin, Texas. Her work appears in The Atlantic, ELLE, GOOD Sports, espnW, VICE Sports, Health, Men’s Journal, Women’s Running and more. Find her on Twitter at @ashley_lauretta.


14 responses to “Find the Workout that Matches Your Personality”

  1. Lisa says:

    I certainly don’t mean any disrespect to the author, but I could not disagree with this more. I’m about as introverted as it gets, so my responses were mostly “A.” I regularly do and love HIIT, boot camp, spin, and other group fitness classes–all activities that didn’t “match my personality.” I’ve also found over the years that I don’t enjoy any of the exercises that were recommended–pilates, yoga, and barre. Hopefully beginners reading this won’t be afraid to try something that intrigues them based on these results.

  2. Beth says:

    I do not agree with this approach. First, my answers split so closely to even that they didn’t really put me clearly in one category. More importantly, I find that the forms of exercise that I enjoy are much more closely associated with what makes my body feel good than my personality.

  3. Beth says:

    Like the person below, I do not agree with this approach. First, my answers split fairly evenly, so I do not clearly fit in one category. Second, I find that the forms of exercise that appeal to me are determined by what’s makes my body feel good, not my personality.

  4. Martha Burrill St Jean says:

    This was useless. There are no options shown for split results. for me 3 A, 2 B and 2 C. The exercise I choose depends how I am feeling each day and what opportunities I might have to be active with a friend.

  5. BK Jackson says:

    Flawed approach. I am super-introverted. But I know I can’t become a better artist without being around other artists. Likewise, being super-introverted doesn’t preclude me from the gym or taking tae-kwon-do. The reason I don’t do the workout that I love? There are few to no decent affordable places to do kickboxing (not the air-punching stuff). It’s just my opinion, but no gym should be built that doesn’t have an MMA section. It’s a grotesque omission.

  6. john west says:

    Surprisingly accurate in my case. I answered mostly B and C and the suggested activities are right in my wheelhouse.

  7. Janice Stager says:

    I think it’s odd… most my answers were A’s but my personal preference is for the exercises listed for the total opposite (mostly D’s). Bipolar much? 😉

  8. Fran says:

    I have mix results 3 B and 2 C. I do love cycling, In nice weather I do ride my bike. In winter I use the stationary bike. I don’t like group classes, but I do like to be around people. I love gyms that are large and have many chooses . Some days I want to use the boke. Other days I use the treadmill. Etc. Your test didn’t work for me

  9. epickett says:

    Seems like cycling would have been a great exercise for an introvert as well! Who says you have to ride in a group?

  10. Shay says:

    I agree what the outcome was and even if the answers are close the results were fair. Really people this app is just to help you. Why do people always have so much negativity to say. No wonder most people are having issues. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Maybe some of you didn’t know what to choose or perhaps you don’t know yourself. When someone tries to reach out and help take it and not ridicule. Take a break!! Thank you author. Perhaps if someone is out there trying to help people in the world today you going to have so many people that are going to be negative because they life is meaningless and they want you to feel the same way. Just keep being you. A job well done.

  11. R. David Valdez says:

    Every one of these exercise regimens (with the exception of CrossFit) looks like “do anything but lift.” Why is the lifting of heavy weight excluded? I personally, as an introverted extrovert or extroverted introvert, enjoy the time I get alone with a squat rack, a bar, and plates. If I get to a point where I need a spotter for my lift (I’m not there yet), then I only need to ask one or two people who are between sets to help me. Granted, I get that it’s different for men, as we don’t get harassed the way women do at the gym, but proper lifting with an intense focus on proper form is every bit as good of an introvert’s workout at yoga or Pilates.

  12. thespanishbandit says:

    show the research and analytics…

  13. Lois says:

    Based on my responses, the suggested activities could have not been more off-base.

  14. Kim Johnson says:

    Hmm, there should be one more question…even tho your personality falls into these principles, how’s your body? I am a total extrovert, but I also have physical crap to deal with…I do love pilates, but can’t get down on the floor. OTOH, bootcamp????AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH

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