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Egg with Bacon + Brussels Sprout Hash

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Egg with Bacon + Brussels Sprout Hash

Hash out a healthier meal with this brussels sprouts hash by Cook Smarts. Thinly sliced and sautéed with bacon will mask any bitterness that some associate with this nutritious vegetable. By replacing the traditional potato ingredient in this dish with Brussels sprouts we have a low-carb option fit for any meal of the day.

Cook Smarts creates a range of educational cooking tools and information to empower and inspire home cooks. Visit their website for a range of free cooking resources, simple recipes, and delicious weekly meal plans. Follow their adventures in healthy cooking on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Cook Smarts. Original recipe published by Cook Smarts.

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MyFitnessPal's Featured Recipes
MyFitnessPal's Featured Recipes

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8 responses to “Egg with Bacon + Brussels Sprout Hash”

  1. Avatar Beatriz Cervantes says:

    Would like to try this but I don’t eat meat. I would like a suggestion for substituting the bacon in this recipe?

  2. Avatar Drew says:

    Much better and healthier to cook with coconut oil or butter. Olive Oil turns nasty when heated.

  3. Avatar Pete Amble says:

    My fitness pal is telling me I have eaten 0% rda of vitamin c today. So I cooked up (steamed)160g (18 Iceland frozen button sprouts to have with some grilled bacon and entered it into my fitness pal yet still I have had 0% according to my fitness pal!

  4. Avatar SC_Chicago says:

    I am probably one of the few who doesn’t like bacon- but am looking forward to trying this with some canadian Bacon in its place.

  5. Avatar Donald Brick says:

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  6. Avatar Max LaChat says:

    With pre-shredded Brussels Sprouts (Mann’s), real bacon bits, and cooking spray, it’s a fast easy breakfast with fewer calories. My preference is chopped walnuts and salsa.

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