Easy-to-Follow Indoor Bootcamp for Beginners

Fara Rosenzweig
by Fara Rosenzweig
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Easy-to-Follow Indoor Bootcamp for Beginners

If the weather’s not ideal for an outdoor workout, the group classes at the gym don’t suit your schedule, or you want to try a new at-home workout that gives you the best cardio-and-strength bang for your buck, this indoor bootcamp for beginners if for you.

Bootcamp-style workouts are more than someone yelling at you (and, really, who wants to pay someone to yell at you?). They are total-body workouts meant to build muscle and improve your cardiovascular health in a short period of time.

When you’re workouts are feeling dull or you need a full-body routine, create your own bootcamp circuit. This way you can squeeze in a butt-kicking workout, minus someone yelling at you.

Bootcamps tend to be done in a group environment, but why work around someone else’s schedule? The following workout gives you the same benefits as a group class, but on your own time. One of the best parts of a bootcamp-like routine is that the exercises change so fast that you’ll be done with your workout before you know it.

Note: Always speak to your doctor before engaging in any new fitness program.

Indoor Bootcamp Workout

What you’ll need:

  1. Strength: Dumbbells (make sure the weight is heavy enough for the last few reps to feel challenging, but not so heavy that you can’t complete the exercises with good form.)
  2. Cardio: Row machine or stationary bike. Note: If you don’t have access to this type of equipment, or want to complete this bootcamp from the comfort of your home, substitute jogging in place or fast walking in place (really pump your arms and get those knees up as high as you can) for the cardio part of this workout. Choose whatever cardio option works best for you, and note that this part of the workout will be noted as “cardio.”


row machines

Notes about the row machine or stationary bike: Adjust the resistance to a level that’s comfortable for you. Make sure to strap your feet into the pedals so the strap rests comfortably yet snugly over the top of your shoes. Keep your back straight and use your legs to push and then pull the handle on the row machine. When on the stationary bike, keep your abs pulled in to support your back, and don’t hunch over the handlebars.




  1. Begin in a tabletop position.
  2. Lower down onto your forearms and extend your legs straight out.
  3. Pull in your abs and shift most of your weight toward your heels—like you’re pressing your feet against a wall.
  4. Keep your back flat and aligned with your neck.

Air Squats


air squats

  1. Stand tall, feet hip-width apart. Begin to lower down like you’re sitting in a chair.
  2. Hold for two counts and push up to standing.
  3. Make sure your knees don’t go over your ankles.
  4. Continue this movement.

Shoulder Press

shoulder press

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Stand tall, feet hip-width apart.
  3. Bring your arms up to shoulder level, engage your core, and then press the weights up.
  4. Lower back down to shoulder level and repeat.

Bicep Curls

bicep curls

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Stand tall, feet hip-width apart.
  3. Turn your palms so they are facing forward.
  4. Keep your elbows glued into your sides and begin to lift the dumbbells up to your biceps.
  5. Hold for two seconds and slowly release down to the beginning. Repeat.

Curtsy Lunge

curtsy lunge

  1. Stand tall, feet shoulder-width apart. You can hold dumbbells in your hands or not.
  2. Take your right foot and step it behind your left. Bend both knees to the ground (like your curtsying).
  3. Bring the right foot back to the start, place your left foot back behind the right, and bend at the knees.
  4. Continue to alternate each leg.

Indoor Bootcamp Circuit

Before you start, complete a 5- minute warm-up on the row machine, stationary bike or jog/walk in place.

Note: The number in parenthesis following each strength exercise is the suggested number of reps. If you can’t do as many reps as are recommended during each round, do as many reps as you can with good form, and move on to the next exercise. The point is to perform the exercises correctly—you’ll reap more benefits this way, no matter how many reps you can complete.

Round 1

  1. Cardio for 2 minutes
  2. Plank for 1 minute
  3. Air squats (20)
  4. Shoulder press (20)
  5. Bicep curls (20)
  6. Curtsy lunge (20 total)
  7. Rest for 1 minute

Round 2

  1. Cardio for 4 minutes
  2. Plank for 40 seconds
  3. Air squats (15)
  4. Shoulder press (15)
  5. Bicep curls (15)
  6. Curtsy lunge (16 total; 8 per side)
  7. Rest for 1 minute

Round 3

  1. Cardio for 6 minutes
  2. Plank for 20 seconds
  3. Air squats (10)
  4. Shoulder press (10)
  5. Bicep curls (10)
  6. Curtsy lunge (10 total; 5 per side)
  7. Rest for 1 minute

Round 4

  1. Cardio for 8 minutes
  2. Plank for 10 seconds
  3. Air squats (5)
  4. Shoulder press (5)
  5. Bicep curls (5)
  6. Curtsy lunge (6 total; 3 per side)
  7. Rest for 1 minute

Round 5

  1. Cardio for 10 minutes
  2. Plank for 5 seconds
  3. Air squats (1)
  4. Shoulder press (1)
  5. Bicep curls (1)
  6. Curtsy lunge (2 total; 1 per side)
  7. Rest for 1 minute

Cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes.

About the Author

Fara Rosenzweig
Fara Rosenzweig

Fara Rosenzweig is a certified fitness instructor who loves yoga and running. When she’s not at the gym or outside logging miles, she’s planning fitness adventures to do with friends, and playing with her pup.


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