Earn Your Favorite Halloween Candy [Infographic]

Cindy Ma
by Cindy Ma
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Earn Your Favorite Halloween Candy [Infographic]

Halloween is full of festive activities, including the trick-or-treating tradition for both young and old alike. With candy around every corner it may feel difficult to practice moderation. A fun-size Snickers here, a mini bar Twix there–it’s all too easy to gobble up your fair share of empty calories and added sugar, even if your treats are portion appropriate.

This Halloween, stay on track. Use the infographic below to learn how much added sugar you’re getting from your treats, and what it takes to earn your Halloween candy.

We’ve calculated how many minutes of trick-or-treating it would take for you to burn off your favorite fun-sized candy based on the average male and female body size. Here are our assumptions; keep them in mind as you scan through the graphic below:

  • The average male (5’8 and 195 pounds) burns 100 calories in 23 minutes walking at 2.5 miles per hour.
  • The average female (5’3 and 166 pounds) burns 100 calories in 27 minutes walking about 2.5 miles per hour.

We used 2.5 miles per hour because the national average walking speed is about 3 miles per hour, but we thought you may need to slow down for the little ones!


About the Author

Cindy Ma
Cindy Ma

Cindy holds a bachelor’s in nutritional science from UC Berkeley. By sharing her knowledge of nutrition, Cindy aspires to empower others to reach their full potential by living a healthy lifestyle and embracing a positive body image. She enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, exploring cultures through food, and exercising with friends. Connect with her on Twitter.


9 responses to “Earn Your Favorite Halloween Candy [Infographic]”

  1. Avatar EdenSummer says:

    This is a lie. No one’s favorite is candy corn. >.<

  2. Avatar Huy Chau says:

    “We used 2.5 miles per hour because the national average walking speed is about 3 miles per hour, but we thought you may need to slow down for the little ones”

    Ummm if the national avg is 3 miles per hour you should use 3 MILES PER HOUR. Your calculations are worthless to me now.

    • Avatar Charles Welsh says:

      You could just log in to MyFitness pal and see how long you would need to walk for your specific weight.

    • Avatar Guest says:

      They noted in the article the reason they did 2.5 mph; it was because they’re assuming you have kids so you wouldn’t be walking as fast as average. And personally, my speed is 2.5 mph on average. But anecdotal stuff is hardly persuasive. =P

      • Avatar anddarling1 says:

        The commentor stated exactly what you just said. But besides, who starts eating their kid’s halloween candy before they even get home?

  3. Avatar Mimim says:

    I like the info-graphic it really shows how long it takes to burn off one little candy bar…

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