5 Diet-Friendly Sheet Pan Dinners

Danielle Omar, RD
by Danielle Omar, RD
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Cooking nutritious, homemade meals on a sheet pan is not only a convenient way to save time and money, but it also requires little cleanup. One-pan dinners are easy to mix-and-match with whatever lean protein, veggies and grains you have on hand. Below are five RD-approved sheet pan dinners for five typical diets that feature up to 41 grams of protein per serving — all with less than 420 calories.

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5 Diet-Friendly Sheet Pan Dinners


Why it made the cut: This meal is full of nutrient-dense veggies high in fiber and vitamin A, and the tofu is a great complete protein source. The simple tahini and lemon sauce is dairy-free (making this meal vegan-friendly), and the tang balances the dish nicely.


Why it made the cut: Fish is a staple in the Mediterranean diet and salmon is loaded with heart-healthy omega-3 fats. Mushrooms and green beans keep the dish light while adding filling fiber, and the crunchy almond topping provides extra protein.


Why it made the cut: This low-carb meal is high in protein and flavor thanks to tomato, basil and lemon. The roasted fennel is rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6. If you’re looking to increase the fiber content, you could consider adding a few extra veggies like broccoli or cauliflower.


Why it made the cut: This recipe features lots of veggies and contains more than 200% of your daily requirements for vitamin A and C, plus more than 1,100mg of potassium. Chicken thighs are a lean protein, but have more flavor and are less prone to drying out if overcooked. The spices and balsamic vinegar lend plenty of flavor to this meal without the need for a rich, high-calorie sauce.


Why it made the cut: Ginger and garlic add plenty of flavor to this dish, without the added fat found in traditional restaurant versions of fried rice. Shrimp also contains heart-healthy omega-3’s and selenium, a powerful antioxidant that may protect against heart disease and support the immune system.

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Danielle Omar, RD
Danielle Omar, RD

Danielle is an integrative dietitian, culinary nutritionist, author and consultant, frequently lending her love of creating to high-profile food and nutrition media outlets. She’s a regularly featured blogger and founder of foodconfidence.comwhere she inspires men and women on their journey to become their healthiest self. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.


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