5 Diet-Friendly Recipes For 30-Minute Meals

Danielle Omar, RD
by Danielle Omar, RD
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Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast or don’t want to spend a long time in the kitchen making dinner, it’s smart to have a set of healthy, 30-minute recipes in your repertoire. These dishes can be whipped up in a flash and suit a variety of dietary preferences — all with less than 360 calories per serving.

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5 Diet-Friendly Recipes For 30-Minute Meals


Why it made the cut: Science shows soup can help you slim down since it’s filling and hydrating. This low-sodium recipe gets its golden hue from a powerful blend of anti-inflammatory spices, including turmeric, ginger, cumin and cayenne pepper. The pistachios add a delicious texture and heart-healthy fats.


Why it made the cut: A sheet-pan meal is simple to make, requires little clean up, and is ideal for meal prep. Cauliflower is a powerful cruciferous vegetable, which supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Olives add healthy fat and savory flavor to balance the dish while the chicken amps up the protein — clocking in at 45 grams per serving.


Why it made the cut: Shrimp is low in calories and high in protein. Fresh shrimp takes very little time to cook, but you can save even more time by buying it pre-cooked. Paired with carrots and bell peppers, this low-carb dish is high in vitamins A and C (to support a healthy immune system) and potassium.


Why it made the cut: When you don’t want to cook at all, this fun twist on avocado toast is the perfect thing. Whole-grain toast provides healthy complex carbs, avocado and mozzarella add healthy fats and protein, and tomato gives the dish extra color and antioxidants. Overall, it’s high in fiber and protein to keep you feeling full longer.


Why it made the cut: Beans are an excellent source of fiber and plant-based protein, while avocado provides healthy fats. Baking the tortillas instead of frying them also helps cut down on unhealthy saturated fats. This meal is a great way to start your day, but you could also make it for lunch or dinner.

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Danielle Omar, RD
Danielle Omar, RD

Danielle is an integrative dietitian, culinary nutritionist, author and consultant, frequently lending her love of creating to high-profile food and nutrition media outlets. She’s a regularly featured blogger and founder of foodconfidence.comwhere she inspires men and women on their journey to become their healthiest self. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.


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