Want to Change Your Username on MyFitnessPal? You Can!

Steven Spraragen
by Steven Spraragen
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Want to Change Your Username on MyFitnessPal? You Can!

Hi, I’m Steven. I head up the Customer Happiness team at MyFitnessPal, and part of my job involves fielding questions from you, our favorite users.

Today I’m kicking off a new series of blog posts called, “Did You Know.” It will highlight some of your pressing questions and offer up power tips, advice on little-known features, and tricks from our most successful users—you may be surprised to learn some of the things MyFitnessPal can do. And as we debut new features, I’ll give you the inside scoop. My aim is to help you maximize your time on MyFitnessPal, so you can reach your health goals faster—and happier!

On tap today: Changing Your Username

Are you humming along toward your health and fitness goals, but having second thoughts about the username you chose when you first joined MyFitnessPal? Even the most perfect username can lose its luster over time… “WindyCityWeightLoss” was a stroke of genius when you lived in Chicago, but now that work has moved you to Dubuque it may not feel so perfect.

Never fear! Every MyFitnessPal account comes with a one-time username change—and we’ll even help you to maintain your presence in our community! When you change your username, your existing Forum posts, Private Messages, and News Feed updates will automatically reflect your fresh identity.

To change your username, log in to our website in any web browser. Click “My Home,” then “Settings,” and then “Change username.”

You’ll see the change instantly on our website, and the next time you access your MyFitnessPal account on any of our mobile apps!

Got a question about MyFitnessPal you’d like Steven to answer? Ask away in the comments and your question might be featured in an upcoming blog post!


About the Author

Steven Spraragen
Steven Spraragen

Steven Spraragen is the Customer Happiness Lead at MyFitnessPal, where teaching users about MyFitnessPal is his passion. Prior to joining MyFitnessPal he trained customers for Apple, Inc., and acting students for New York University and California Institute of the Arts. 


12 responses to “Want to Change Your Username on MyFitnessPal? You Can!”

  1. Avatar Brittany says:

    how do you burn body fat?

  2. Avatar Brittany says:

    how do you burn body fat?

  3. Avatar Gwen Bolin says:

    can you pick your own food intake daily?

  4. Avatar Kimberly Carman says:

    Is there any update in the future that will allow us to change our username more than once? I have changed mine 1 time and now I can’t change it again 🙁

  5. […] Steven again—here to share another MyFitnessPal pro tip with you. A few weeks ago I talked about how to change your username. And it looks like many of you took advantage of it. I’m so happy to […]

  6. Avatar George Kent says:

    How do I set up an account for my wife using the same computer and email address?

  7. Avatar Amanda says:

    I changed mine to something with less personal information and now when I go into my IOS app, to [More] and [My Profile] it shows my last username and says user not found, so it no longer shows my personal newsfeed there..

    Any tips? I’ve tried logging out of the app and logging in with the correct name. New posts are in the new name, so it’s working, and I am logged in with the correct onenow.

  8. Avatar Jessica says:

    How do you change what your frame is as this effects how many calories you are allowed to consume?

  9. Avatar Lhayek says:

    I changed my username and lost all my data ! This post specially said I wouldn’t. How do it get back my food journal ?

  10. Avatar Cidalia Martins Pimentel says:

    I changed my username, but the old one is still showing up in my News Feed. 🙁

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