December 2013 Member of the Month Winner: Jayne O!

by MyFitnessPal
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December 2013 Member of the Month Winner: Jayne O!

In December we asked you to show and tell us how you’d use MyFitnessPal to stay focused on keeping active while you were enjoying the holiday spirit. 

Let’s give it up for this month’s winner, Jayne O! Jayne used MyFitnessPal to stay fit and healthy, and scored herself a Lumo Back Posture Sensor. This cool wearable tech tracks activity and posture, gives users a gentle vibration if they’re slouching. Best of all, Lumo Back syncs to MyFitnessPal.

Here’s a shot of Jayne in action:

Jayne says:

“MFP has helped me more than any other diet or exercise plan I have ever tried! I’ve lost 40 pounds and kept it off because MFP makes it so easy to keep myself accountable and keep track of what I’m eating.

I’ve been dieting on and off for nearly my entire life. Once I got to college, I pretty much gave up. I gained about 40 pounds, stopped being active, and ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. I was eating fast food 2-3 times a day, I was sluggish, and I felt awful. Since joining MFP nearly 2 years ago, I’ve managed to lose all the weight I gained in college, and now I’m on track to lose even more and get myself to a healthy weight.

With the food tracker, I found out exactly how many calories I was eating every day (some days were nearly 3,000!!), and that was the wakeup call I needed to start making meaningful changes. I have learned with MFP that there is no quick and easy way to lose weight. It’s hard work, and requires a lot of little changes over time that add up to something huge. My friends and family constantly tell me not only how great I look, but that I’m much more confident, open, and enthusiastic than I was before.

MFP’s website and app make logging food and exercise so easy. I can scan a barcode or look a food item up in seconds- there’s no guesswork involved, and I know the information is accurate. My food diary makes it easy to plan my day’s meals, and the database makes going to restaurants a much less stressful experience. I feel in control of what’s going into my body- no surprise 700 calorie desserts anymore!

But the best part about MFP is that it fits so easily into my life. Logging on is part of my daily routine, and if I don’t log my food I feel like something’s missing. And I don’t  feel like I’m on a diet; this is just my life now, and it’s full of choices. I don’t feel like I’m in a short-term program, or that I constantly have to deprive myself. I’m learning to balance everything- a treat here, an extra workout there. I don’t ever feel like I have to have a “cheat” day. Instead I just have a day where I don’t think about calorie counts, and those days fit into my life just as well as days when I have a killer workout. I am so grateful to MFP for providing a tool that’s easy to use, that’s not overwhelming, and that helps me transition into a better, healthier life.

I don’t know where I’d be today without it.”

So keep up the great work – we love hearing and seeing your inspiring stories. Tell us more over on Facebook.


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