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This Cruise Ship Captain Logs Runs in Ports Around the World

by MyFitnessPal
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As the captain of a cruise ship, Carl Smith is kept busy by long hours at the helm and maintaining responsibility of his crew and thousands of passengers aboard the ship. While most cruise ship guests spend a week or two on the liner, it’s not uncommon for Carl to be at sea for three months at a time. And as anyone who’s ever been on a cruise knows, the ship is teeming with delicious food, luxurious (non)activities and an overall feeling of relaxation.

For most ship guests, exercise and healthy eating takes a back seat to leisure and indulgence while on board — but Carl can’t afford to live in vacation mode for many months, so he chooses to prioritize his health and activity while on and off the ship.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”HEX 0073bb” class=”” size=””]“The guests always say that they gain a kilogram a day when they’re on a cruise ship. I’m there for three months at a time.”[/perfectpullquote]

While at ports around the world, Carl uses the MapMyRun app to locate popular running routes in the area and laces up his shoes to log some local miles. While at sea, he heads to the ship’s gym around lunchtime while the guests are at the (seemingly) never-ending lunch buffet to take advantage of the empty treadmills and weight machines.

He has even passed along his health-first mentality to his family, filling up their vacations with bicycle rides and walks with his wife and two sons. He now says he’s logged runs in more than 35 countries and is in the best shape of his life at 44 — but that’s no surprise to anyone who knows him.

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