CrossFit Curious? Try this Bootcamp-Style Workout for Beginners

Shane Barnard, JD
by Shane Barnard, JD
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CrossFit Curious? Try this Bootcamp-Style Workout for Beginners

This no-equipment-needed workout is an efficient way to work your entire body in 30 minutes flat. Start with a dynamic warm-up to get your body ready to move and increase range of motion (ROM) in your joints.

The Warm Up

  • Squats x 8 (keep legs parallel and push your hips back with a neutral spine)
  • Reverse lunges x 8 (if reverse lunges bother you, you can do leg swings or tap your toe behind you instead)
  • Standing knee tucks x 8
  • Frankensteins x 8 (standing tall reach your hand forward at shoulder height, then swing or kick your leg forward to your hand to lengthen the hamstring)
  • Side lunges x 8 (take a wide, low body stance, and then shift your weight right and left)
  • Arms crisscross forward and back x 8
  • Arm circles forward and back x 8

The Workout

For each pair of exercises, complete the two moves back to back, for 30 seconds each without rest. After 1 minute of “best effort” activity, take a 15 second break to recover before starting the next pair exercises. Complete the entire series of exercises listed, and then repeat the sequence from the top two more times.

  • Jog/High Knees Jog in place for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: Lift your knees as high as possible.
  • Air Squats Sit into a squat position—push your hips back, keep the spine neutral and put your weight in your heels. Return to standing, and repeat for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: Add a jump, landing safely in a squat with triple flexion of hips, knees and ankles.

** 15-second recovery

  • Speed Skaters Step side to side in a lateral movement for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: Add jump, as if you were jumping to the side over a puddle.
  • Standing Reverse Lunges Stand with your shoulders over your hips and extend one leg back into a lunge. Return to neutral stance and switch legs. Repeat for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: Start in a split stance lunge and jump to switch legs in the air, landing softly in a lunge with opposite leg forward.

** 15-second recovery

  • Jumping Jacks Do jumping jacks for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: Instead of jumping out with feet on the ground, jump up and reach legs and arms out into a big “X” shaped star jump. Land softly with flexion of hips, knees and ankles.
  • Quick Feet/Football Stance Stand with your legs in a wide stance, with feet wider than shoulders and knees soft. As quickly as you can, jog with low amplitude (no high knees!), keeping your upper body stable as your feet move quickly for 30 seconds.

** 15-second recovery

  • Mountain Climbers Start in a plank position with a neutral spine, your hands underneath your shoulders, and belly button pulled in towards your spine. Then pull your right knee underneath you towards your right elbow, maintaining stability in your upper body shoulders and a neutral spine. Switch legs and repeat for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: Pick up the pace!
  • Superman Lying face-down in a prone position, squeeze your glutes and lift your legs and shoulders off the floor, keeping soft elbows and supporting your head with your hands in front of your forehead. Release back down to the floor, and repeat the movements for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: Extend your arms to lengthen the lever.

** 15-second recovery

  • Push-Ups Start on your knees or toes with your hands just outside your shoulders. Drop your body towards the floor and maintain a neutral spine as you press back up. Repeat for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: After each press up, tap your right hand to your left shoulder and your left hand to your right shoulder.
  • Plank Place hands below your shoulders, squeeze your glutes and keep your spine neutral. Hold for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: Same position as a traditional plank, but add your legs hopping side to side.

** 15-second recovery

  • Windshield-Wiper Abs Start by lying on your back (supine position) with your arms out in a “T,” and bring your kneed up to a 90-degree angle. Keeping knees together and soft, drop your knees towards your right side, bring them back to center, and then drop them to the left, engaging your core for trunk stability. Repeat for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: Straighten and extend your legs to lengthen the lever.
  • Hip Thrusters Lie on your back in supine position with your hands at your sides. Lift your legs up, and push your hips up towards the ceiling as if you were going to touch the ceiling with your toes. Making sure to pull your belly button in as you thrust your hips up. Then, allow yourself to roll up to a seated position. Repeat for 30 seconds. Increase the intensity: As you roll up, continue to a standing hop and repeat.

** 15-second recovery

After completing three sets, cool down with easy movement like walking and static stretches—and you’re done!

You can easily reduce the intensity of the workout by slowing your pace, increasing the recovery to 30 seconds, or by completing the full series once or twice instead of three times.

About the Author

Shane Barnard, JD
Shane Barnard, JD

Shane is NASM, ACE, AFAA and USATF certified and the creator and founder of the Urbankick format and instructor certifications, co-founder of Urbanplay, a non-profit health and fitness education program for youth, and a business partner at Studio360. With over 20 years of fitness experience, she is a nationally recognized presenter and currently teaches at Crunch, Fitness SF, and the University of California at Berkeley, where she is a health coach. Shane is a CEC provider for ACE and AFFA and an honored ambassador for lululemon. You can work out with Shane and Urbankick anytime, anywhere at


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