Connect UA Record Directly to MyFitnessPal

by MyFitnessPal
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Connect UA Record Directly to MyFitnessPal

As you may remember, back in February we announced that we have joined forces with Under Armour. We’ve been hard at work since then looking at ways this partnership can make your MyFitnessPal experience even better.

We’re excited to share that we’re now working more seamlessly than ever with Under Armour’s health and fitness network, UA Record.

UA record screenshot 1

UA Record is a personalized platform that provides tailored instruction, information and inspiration based on your data. You can track workouts and calories burned on the app and sync seamlessly with MyFitnessPal. If you use a connected heart rate monitor with UA Record, you can see current heart rate, peak heart rate, and average heart rate in real time during your workout. Then, you get an even more accurate count of your calories burned.

UA record screenshot 2

Connecting a UA Record account with MyFitnessPal gives you even more ways to achieve your health goals.

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