Celebrate Earth Month with MyFitnessPal’s Eat Green Plan

Colin Hanner
by Colin Hanner
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Celebrate Earth Month with MyFitnessPal’s Eat Green Plan

In a recent survey, MyFitnessPal found that 90% of our members still eat meat, with 60% reporting they eat the same amount of meat as they did five years ago. Though eating meat can provide rich amounts of protein and certain vitamins, incorporating plant-based meals into your diet is not only good for you — it’s good for our planet.

To celebrate Earth Month and bring awareness of the impact of our food consumption to our members, MyFitnessPal is launching an in-app Eat Green Plan, an 14-day guide full of quick tips to reduce your environmental footprint, strategies for picking low-carbon impact foods, and other ways to reduce waste.


In addition to the benefits above, you’ll also get exclusive plant-based recipes from Carleigh Bodrung, a plant-based chef, TikTok influencer, and New York Times bestselling cookbook — all available within the MyFitnessPal app.

Make simple swaps toward sustainable, healthy choices that provide a positive impact on your health (and the planet’s, too). Download the MyFitnessPal app and start the Eat Green Plan today!


About the Author

Colin Hanner
Colin Hanner

Colin (@ColinHanner) is a freelance writer and editor based in Chicago. He likes yoga and running, and recently became an uncertified personal trainer for his two cats who should probably be doing more than sleeping 21 hours a day.


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