Max Out Your Fitness with Bowflex and MyFitnessPal

by MyFitnessPal
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Max Out Your Fitness with Bowflex and MyFitnessPal

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Logging a recent workout or activity into MyFitnessPal is super satisfying (look at all those calories you burned!), and it’s even better when the tracking is done for you. Thanks to a software update, now your fitness activity with Bowflex Max Trainer will automatically sync with MyFitnessPal.

When it comes to at-home gym equipment, the Bowflex Max Trainer is awesome—and not just because it now syncs with MyFitnessPal! The Bowflex Max Trainer is similar to an elliptical, except it takes up less space in your living room, it’s gentle on your joints, and provides a better cardio workout. The machine provides a full-body workout, burning the maximum amount of calories in the shortest period of time, and can now easily be logged to MyFitnessPal. Simply connect your MyFitnessPal account after downloading the Bowflex Max Trainer app—that way, when you complete and record a new workout, your time and calories will be sent to your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary.

Need some inspiration to get your sweat going? Here are 6 workouts to try on your Bowflex Max Trainer.

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