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A person spreads butter or a spread onto a slice of bread with a knife. The bread is positioned over a plate, and there is a jar of spread nearby. This simple act reminds us not to give up on enjoying the small pleasures, even amidst the latest fad diets. The scene is depicted in black and white. MyFitnessPal Blog
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It’s a fact: fad diets are here to stay. From Lord Byron’s popular diet

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Imagine your perfect family meal: Smiling kids, a variety of healthy foods on the

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Let’s be real: Eating on the run isn’t ideal, but it’s inevitable for most

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More than ever, the public is interested in what goes into their food. Some

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Popular diets such as Whole30 and Paleo shun all grain products from their edible

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By Liz Sanders, MPH, RDN Did you know that food waste is a global

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By Liz Sanders, MPH, RDN My first rule of any international trip: Try as

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Lean Protein on the Cheap: Maximizing your Grocery Budget AND your health Whether you’re

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Who’s not all about getting more bang for your buck? Count me as the