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May 29, 2015

Easy Apple Pancakes

2.74/5 (27)
Get your apple a day in a whole new way. These apple pancakes taste like apple pie, and you can enjoy 3 of them for under 200 calories! Apples are naturally sweet and filling fruits packed with...
October 15, 2014

4 Ways You’re Doing Lunges Wrong

There’s a reason why lunges are a gym-goer’s mainstay: The multi-tasking move is one of the best lower body exercises around, since it loosens up your hips, boosts your muscle tissue, and...
September 17, 2014

Does Food Addiction Really Exist?

Some are addicted to sex, others need their rock and roll fix, but what about food addiction? One new University of Luxembourg study says that in fact, it exists. "Some people have an instinctive,...