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Grilling peaches makes them extra juicy and sweet, providing a perfect counterpoint to grilled

6 Tips from a College Athlete to Crush a Hectic Schedule
4 minute read

In movies and on TV, college athletes always look like they have it together.

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Tracey Feillafe thought she had found the formula for a perfectly balanced life. She

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This week, all we can say is our MyFitnessPal users are killing it. From

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Our MyFitnessPal community is filled with motivated users achieving all kinds of fitness goals.

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If you really think about it, walking is the original centering practice of humankind:

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Every week, reading about the non-scale victories that users share on the MyFitnessPal Facebook

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Inspiration from our MyFitnessPal users is nothing new. Each week, you share major non-scale

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At MyFitnessPal, we know it isn’t only about the scale. There are many amazing