Announcing 75 Million MyFitnessPal Users!

by MyFitnessPal
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Announcing 75 Million MyFitnessPal Users!

We are excited to announce that we have hit a number of great milestones this week, thanks mostly to you.

First off, MyFitnessPal now has 75 million registered users worldwide.

Just to put that in perspective, that is:

  • almost twice the population of California (38 million)
  • almost three times the population of Texas (26 million)
  • almost a quarter the population of the US (316 million)
  • twice as many people as there are books in the library of congress (35 million)

There are some other great numbers that go with that. Collectively, our users have lost over 180 million pounds, which is 120,000 elephants or 450 blue whales.

Of course, many of our users aren’t even attempting to lose weight. People use MyFitnessPal for so many reasons — from identifying and controlling food allergies to making sure they’re getting enough daily nutrients.

These users have, collectively:

  • logged over 14.5 billion foods
  • burned 364 billion calories
  • logged 1.2 Trillion minutes of exercise
  • helped to grow our database of food north of 5 million

Ultimately, all of this is based on building tools that will drive user success; which is our true North. We’re all about helping you live a healthier life.

We know that the secret to our success are our users, which are walking testaments to the power of our product. We’re building tools to help people navigate a world in which healthy living is hard. We strive to make it crystal clear how people can live a healthier life, and to make it easier to do just that. Our users get off autopilot and get insights that help them make smarter choices, changing their behavior and creating healthier habits.

Thank you for your support — we’re excited to celebrate the successes of each of you as we strive for the next 75 million users!


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