9 Ways to Lose Weight While Hosting a Holiday Party

Macaela Mackenzie
by Macaela Mackenzie
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9 Ways to Lose Weight While Hosting a Holiday Party

As the days get colder and shorter, we all prepare for what’s coming: the annual calorie free-for-all. The holidays and the parade of treats that comes with them have a solid rep as total diet derailers. Luckily, there are ways to rein it in without having to miss out on the festive season. In fact, you can actually burn calories by partaking in the holiday party circuit. Check out these eight ways you’ll burn calories while hosting a holiday get-together.

* Calorie burn calculated for a 140-pound person doing 30 minutes of activity.

Before the fete comes the cleaning routine. Getting the house in tip-top shape for a parade of holiday guests can work up quite a sweat. By the time your guests get there, you can boast a clean house and a workout.
Calories burned: 85
Food equivalent: 1 serving of cranberry sauce

Prep time in the kitchen may feel more stressful than strenuous, but it’s actually an unexpected calorie burner. Spend 30 minutes spinning around the kitchen, and you’ll burn off some of the meal you’re preparing.
Calories burned: 100
Food equivalent: Half a serving of peppermint bark

Carrying all that heavy china and setting out the perfect spread adds up. The more elaborate your table gets, the better you’ll feel about sitting down to the feast.
Calories burned: 50
Food equivalent: Half a serving of turkey

The calorie burning that comes with wrapping gifts or making some Christmas crafts is incentive to be extra generous this year.
Calories burned: 50
Food equivalent: 1 candy cane

Before your guests arrive, you’ll have to do a bit of heavy lifting. Shoveling snow is one of the best ways to burn big calories before you allow yourself to indulge. Reward yourself by warming up with a hot, festive beverage.
Calories burned: 140
Food equivalent: 1 skinny peppermint mocha

Just because you’re whipping up treats worthy of a cheat day doesn’t mean spending time baking is all bad. Do all your mixing by hand to up that calorie-burning ante.
Calories burned: 80
Food equivalent: 1 gingerbread cookie

Rather than stay stationary while you mix and mingle, post up behind the bar. All that shaking and pouring will score you some extra calorie burn.
Calories burned: 75
Food equivalent: Small handful of cinnamon sugar almonds

Even if you’re hosting, you’re allowed to have a little fun. Spend 30 minutes tearing up the dance floor, and you’ll torch some major holiday calories.
Calories burned: 150
Food equivalent: Small cup of hot chocolate

Cleanup may be annoying, but it’s also the perfect calorie-burning nightcap. Do your dishes by hand, and you’ll earn yourself a tipple, guilt-free.
Calories burned: 80
Food equivalent: 1 glass of champagne

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