9 Summer Activities that Burn Calories

Macaela Mackenzie
by Macaela Mackenzie
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9 Summer Activities that Burn Calories

Long summer days spent licking ice cream cones at the beach and backyard barbecues are the last places you want to have to think about your diet. Unfortunately, they’re also the places you’re most likely to stress about it. Luckily, many of the activities you’re doing all season also happen to double as excellent calorie burners. We’ve rounded up nine of the most surprising (and most effective) ways you can burn calories in just 30 minutes all summer long.

About the Author

Macaela Mackenzie
Macaela Mackenzie

Macaela is a writer based in New York City with a passion for all things active. When she’s not writing about the weirdest fitness trends or nutrition news, you can find her conquering her fear of heights at the rock climbing gym, hitting the pavement in Central Park or trying to become a yogi. To see Macaela’s latest work, visit macaelamackenzie.com.


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