8 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Lisa Fields
by Lisa Fields
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8 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

“Seventy-four percent of the items in the grocery store contain added sugar,” says Dr. Robert Lustig, a professor emeritus of pediatric endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco, and author of “Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity and Disease.” So, even if you never stop by the bakery or snack on chocolate bars, it’s likely you’re probably eating more sugar than you realize.

Natural sugar, found in things like fruit and dairy, is accompanied by fiber, which helps slow digestion and prevents blood sugar crashes. Fruit and dairy also offer other essential vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, added sugar provides zero nutritional value and can lead to blood sugar spikes. Moreover, added calories from added sugar can quickly lead to weight gain. “The big sources of added sugar include cakes, cookies, candy and breakfast cereal,” says Lustig. “But there’s also added sugar in yogurt, salad dressing, hamburger buns, hamburger meat, chicken — things you would never associate with sugar.”

The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugar intake to no more than 9 teaspoons (36 grams) of sugar for men and 6 teaspoons (25 grams) of added sugar for women. This is roughly the amount of sugar found in 9–12 ounces of soda or 12–15 large jelly beans. However, the average American consumes 77 grams of added sugar per day.

Logging your food in an app like MyFitnessPal is a great place to start, since it automatically calculates your sugar intake. You can also use the following signs to gauge whether you’re eating too much sugar:

When you eat or drink something containing sugar, it activates the reward center in your brain, making you want more. The brain adapts to the dopamine (aka feel-good chemicals) released when you consume sugar, “which tells the brain ‘This feels good; I want more,” explains Lustig. The problem is, over time, “you may need more sugar to experience that pleasurable feeling, the same way that you may build a tolerance to alcohol and need to drink more to feel buzzed,” says Samantha Cassetty, MS, RD, a New York City-based registered dietitian nutritionist and co-author of “Sugar Shock: The Hidden Sugar in Your Food.” This can create a vicious cycle that hooks you on sweets and makes you feel like you’re “addicted to sugar.”

Do you often find yourself reaching for a sugary snack to power through a work deadline? When the sugar hits your bloodstream, it first makes your blood-sugar levels spike (giving you a boost of energy). However, since added sugar usually isn’t packaged with satiating nutrients like fiber and protein, it subsequently causes blood sugar levels to drop, which is why you feel that inevitable crash.

“People think sugar gives them energy, but research doesn’t show this at all,” says Cassetty. “In fact, it does the opposite, making you feel less alert and focused and more fatigued.” If you have a sugary breakfast and something sweet with your lunch, your entire day may be a series of spikes and drops, causing you to rely on sugar whenever you feel sleepy.

“If you’re drinking sugary drinks, whether that’s soda or a fancy coffee shop concoction, the sugary calories don’t promote fullness.” says Cassetty. “That leads to a calorie surplus that will promote weight gain.”

Additionally, regularly eating processed foods instead of whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans and other high-fiber foods can lead to weight gain. “Processed food is high in added sugar (for palatability) and low in fiber (for shelf-life),” says Lustig. This makes it easier to over-consume processed foods, leading to a caloric surplus and bigger waistline.

Many people who regularly eat or drink foods high in added sugar feel hazy, confused or unable to focus on their work. This is known as brain fog. “You feel lethargic and less attentive when consuming lots of sugar,” says Cassetty. “Sometimes, people don’t even realize they’re in a fog until they cut way back on their added sugar consumption. The difference in energy levels can be really noticeable if you go from eating a high-sugar, heavily processed diet to a lower sugar, whole-foods, plant-focused diet.”

Some research suggests people who consume a lot of sugar are more likely to experience depression or bad mood. “Sugar plays a role in the inflammatory process, which is thought to be involved in depression,” says Cassetty. “There’s also an association between the healthfulness of your gut and mood disorders. Bacteria in your gut produce neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, which are involved in mood regulation. A sugary diet hurts your gut health, which may then have a negative influence on your mood.”

Drinking soda or other sugary beverages like juice and snacking on sweets throughout the day increases your risk of developing tooth decay. “When you eat something with sugar, the bacteria that live in your mouth metabolize the sugar and excrete acid as a byproduct,” says Anne Mary Orr, DDS. “This turns your mouth from a neutral pH of 7 to a more acidic state. Once the pH around your tooth dips below the critical pH of 5.5, the tooth starts to dissolve. Saliva buffers or counteracts this acidity and returns the pH to neutral. In an average person, it takes 20 minutes for your mouth to return to a neutral state.”

Each time you eat or drink something containing sugar, “you reset that 20-minute timer, where your teeth are dissolving over and over,” explains Orr. “Repeated exposure weakens the tooth more.” To protect your teeth, it’s a good idea to cut back on high-sugar foods and beverages. One smart trick: Brushing your teeth after every meal can help deter snacking.

Eating too much sugar can prevent you from having a glowing complexion. “There is compelling evidence showing high-sugar diets contribute to acne and may exacerbate flares,” says Dr. Anna Chacon, a board-certified dermatologist at Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston and advisory board member for Smart Style Today. However, the impact remains unclear, and more studies are needed, she notes.

Other research shows sugar may make the skin appear saggy or wrinkly. “Collagen [a protein that provides structure to the skin] keeps the skin supple and youthful,” explains Chacon. “Sugar and glucose can produce advanced glycation, meaning a weakening of collagen, which makes the skin appear looser.”

Sleep is crucial for crushing your workouts, promoting recovery and helping with weight-loss. However, research shows diets high in refined sugar are linked to poor-quality sleep.

“[The study showed] someone having high sugar intake in the evening had difficulty falling asleep and did not seem to get the most physically restorative sleep,” says clinical psychologist Michael Breus, PhD, a diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Restless sleep caused by sugar consumption can subsequently be part of a vicious cycle — poor sleep may cause your hunger hormone (ghrelin) to spike and your satiety hormone (leptin) to drop, prompting you to consume more sugar when you’re tired. Over time, too little sleep could lead to weight gain.


Sugar can be hidden under many names, so “it’s important to educate yourself so you can read food labels and understand where sugar is showing up in your life.” To get a sense of how much sugar you’re consuming, try keeping a food journal or using an app like MyFitnessPal.

To cut sugar from your diet, smart small by drinking more water instead of soda, energy drinks and other sweetened beverages, recommends Lustig. Another smart way to quickly reduce your added sugar intake is to focus on cooking more at home. Try a new low-sugar recipe or make meal prep part of your weekly routine.

Creating a bedtime ritual to unwind can also help you prioritize sleep and prevent sugar cravings due to fatigue. If you find you’re hungry close to bedtime, opt for something on the lighter side that’s high in protein, like these RD-approved foods.

Originally published June 2016, updated with additional reporting

Discover hundreds of healthy recipes — from low sugar to high protein — via “Recipe Discovery” in the MyFitnessPal app.

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Lisa Fields
Lisa Fields

Lisa Fields is a full-time freelance writer who specializes in health, nutrition, fitness and psychology topics. Her work has been published in Reader’s Digest, WebMD, Women’s Health, Shape, Self and many other publications. A former lifeguard, Lisa swims regularly to stay in shape.You can read more of her work at http://www.writtenbylisafields.com/.


109 responses to “8 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar”

  1. Avatar Jimmy NoChit says:

    I went Keto, and no more sugar for me. I feel great (and I lost 40lb)

    • Avatar Danai says:

      Not even from fruit?

      • Avatar Jimmy NoChit says:

        I eat fruit in moderation.

        • Avatar DeAnna Turner says:

          What is keto? How does it work?

          • Avatar Mike Evinesko says:

            Keto is a diet/lifestyle that involves drastically limiting carbohydrates. The goal of keto is ketosis, a metabolic state in which your body burns ketones instead of glucose, which in essence means burning fat instead of carbs. A typical goal is ~20 carbs per day at least to start out with. Once your body becomes keto-adapted you can experiment with slight increases as long as you pay attention to how it makes you feel and if possible test for ketones. A healthy keto diet typically consists of various meats and leafy vegetables, eggs, some nuts, possibly some limited fruit consumption, and pretty much no grains or starchy vegetables, and also increases electrolyte intake. Vegetarian/Vegan keto is possible, but takes more consideration and planning.

          • Avatar Jimmy NoChit says:

            Keto, is a Low Carb, High Fat, moderate protein diet similar to the Atkins diet. I strive for 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs each day (usually end up between 5-10% carbs) and around 1900 calories per day. It works by switching your body from burning sugars (carbs) for energy, to burning fat (ketones) for energy.

          • Avatar Don Reitsma says:

            Exactly the same as mine. Ober 40 lbs lost in less than 3 months.

      • Avatar Guest says:

        I think people on keto eat VERY LITTLE fruits. I have a friend who says she eats only 5 grams of sugar a day. I couldn’t do that…ever…

        • Avatar Robyn says:

          I hear that!! No way!!

          • Avatar Cheryl H. says:

            Fructose from whole fruits not the same as the modified fructose as an additive. Watch “That Sugar Film” on Netflix Very eye opening!!

          • Avatar Don Reitsma says:

            Fruit is 100% fructose, table sugar is 50% fructose and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is 55%.

            At least when eating fruit you probably won’t consume as much sugar as drinking fruit juice or drinks containing HFCS.

            I only eat berries sparingly.

            The problem with Fructose is that it is only metabolized by the liver and any that the liver doesn’t use is stored as fat. Get enough and you end up with Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and you also become insulin resistant. This results in your body requiring more insulin to store unised sugar in your other fat cells.

        • Avatar Don Reitsma says:

          Fructose is the worst sugar.

    • Avatar Amber Rose Sanders-Platt says:

      Nice I went Keto a little over 2 months ago and I’m down 23lbs. I eat about 50 grams of blueberries in my protein shake every few days. I’ve been happy so far. I went over my carbs a few times when I didn’t pack enough food at the hospital (my youngest has leukemia, which is the main reason for the lifestyle change) and I felt awful for days. But overall I’m very happy with the results and not having the awful crash and burn in the afternoons. I’m also not having as much brain fog problems and not as many leg cramps or trouble sleeping. The first few weeks were awful with cravings but now I almost never crave carbs and have started to enjoy a little stevia in my coffee without gagging. I haven’t found the time to exercise but do try to do a little stretching every few days. I calculated my carbs for a few weeks before going keto on the app and I was consuming on average 200-400 grams a day! I’m only 5’4″

  2. Avatar Buhnii says:

    Mangoes are great for sugar cravings.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Thank you for the tip. I am a serious sugar addict!! It’s the worst ” drug”. It’s in nearly everything, it’s delicious,it’s everywhere.. U can’t escape sugar from commercials to entertainment to everyday life.. I try and try! I have a horrible auto immune disorder and it craves sugar! Anything besides mangoes, never leaving my house or watching Tv or anything- lol!!
      I have been able to cut back on my white starches but sugar- seems hopeless!! HELP!!

      • Avatar Julie Graves Jackson says:

        Try L-glutamine to crush the sugar Cravings. It works almost immediately. And it’s cheap.

      • Avatar Michelle says:

        I know EXACTLY what you mean…sugar is probably my biggest issue, too. I have a massive sweet tooth, inherited from my father (thanks Dad), and the best way I’ve found to manage it is to just not have it in the house. Unfortunately, I married a man who has a sweet tooth bigger than mine and a metabolism that blasts the calories into oblivion before they hit his stomach, so we always have sweets in the house. I just buy sweets that I don’t care for…orange soda, peanut clusters, (but not double dipped chocolate peanuts, I can’t resist those, weird, huh?)…that way if I get one of my chew my finger off sugar cravings, I can just grab one of those. I won’t even eat a whole one. I DONT buy donuts…or ice cream I love (cookies n cream, fudge brownie nut, green tea, vanilla bean), and I NEVER buy caramels. They are my CRACK, and I’ll eat the whole bag before I realize what I’m doing.

  3. Avatar Tjperk says:

    Why would you post a picture of donuts front and center of an app designed to help you manage your diet!!!! That is just plain cruel!

  4. Avatar Sophie says:

    Why are you putting photos of delicious sugary donuts on a site where people are trying to lose weight. Shame on you!!!

  5. Avatar J C says:

    yummmm…sprinkles WITH chocolate.

  6. Avatar jim says:

    I get a sugar rush and gain weight merely from the sight of those YUMMY donuts! D@#$ You!

  7. Avatar Karen Massey says:

    I can add one to this list….leg cramps. When I eat sugar during the day I get leg cramps in the middle of the night….

    • Avatar Leslie Kain says:

      I get night leg cramps and have NO sugar at all (although I have fresh fruit for breakfast, with no added sugar). Leg cramps are usually associated with low potassium or magnesium.

    • Avatar Michelle says:

      Bananas are best for leg cramps…and the greener they are, the less sugary they are. Most diabetics can eat green bananas, that’s why so many grocers are stocking them more and more. I’ve always preferred green bananas…but mainly due to texture vs taste.

  8. Avatar Terry Boczar says:

    Does Stevia have the same effect on the body as sugar?

    • Avatar Jill Holmes says:

      Yes. In some ways it can be worse. The body interprets it as a very concentrated form of sugar (and artificial sweeteners even more so) and it has a glycemic reaction of a similar magnitude or greater than it does for sugar. Most people don’t know this and think they are making a great change for the better in their lives. That just doesn’t seem to be the case.

    • Avatar Diana says:

      I can’t stand the taste of stevia. I tried it several times, but that taste sticks with me, like all the other fake sugars.

      • Avatar Amber Rose Sanders-Platt says:

        I used to not be able to stand it or any fake sugars. But when I cut out carbs in my diet after a few weeks I gave it a try and now it’s not bad. I guess once I detoxed on normal sugar any sweetness is a nice change lol. Now I have it in my coffee and don’t even notice the difference (I’m a little over 2 months into changing my eating habits to a Keto diet)

    • Avatar Mac Duff says:

      I’d stay away from anything made in a chemical lab. All natural. Preferably vegan is the way to live.

  9. Avatar Jeannette Robinson says:

    Fitness/health advisors need to promote that moderation and proper portions for any food, including sugar foods is key. Stop acting like people are eating bowls of sugar a day.

    I eat a sweet treat or two, per day, but they’re reasonable potions. I eat once maybe 2x a day; 1 or 2 small cookies, a pack of M&Ms ( the ones in the snack size bags-there’s like 10 M&Ms), a small square of brownie, a 2×2″ of cake, OR a serving of ice cream. OF COURSE I DON’T EAT ALL OF THESES IN A DAY-just an example.
    However, I eat a lot of healthy foods. I love my veggies, turkey, grass fed beef. I’m not a skinny sample size, but I’m not fat either, and I get a physical once a year. I’m healthy.

    Food is not the enemy–moderation is key. Pay attn to the servings, and don’t starve yourself. Unless you are training to be mr or miss fitness, or have health issues-enjoy your food-in moderation. Too much of anything, even healthy foods, can be bad for you.

    The reason there are so many girls and boys, men and women that have food issues is because there is too much focus on demonizing food. People make others feel guilty for eating certain foods. “You can’t eat that.”, “That’s bad.”, ” You’re going to eat that?”, “You shouldn’t eat that.”, “You’re going to have to work out twice as long after that.”, “you’re going to have to eat salads with no dressing for the next few days.” I could go on. And don’t ever let you’re significant other make you feel you need to look a certain way to be acceptable to them, DUMP THEM!!

    Another thing, there is nothing wrong with having a binge day, just get back on track the following day-but don’t do it by eating lettuce and celery for 5 days.

    Now go and enjoy your food.

    • Avatar Mo says:

      Moderation is the key to healthy eating/living however sugar is not a food and “foods” made with sugar have no redeeming qualities to the body. The body needs a balanced diet of veggies, fruits, and lean meats to work correctly and stay healthy. Body doesn’t need candies, cakes, and in general “sweets” to exist. And btw people ARE eating bowls of sugar. Research this, the average American eats 1-2 cups of sugar a day since sugars are in everything, i.e. soda/pop, processed foods, candies, energy drinks, commercial coffees, etc.

      • Avatar Pat Long Eroh says:

        Mo – I disagree. Sugar is most certainly a food no matter what your yoga natural whatever told you. Sugar cane is consumed in places like Costa Rica as well as fruit (which is mostly sugar and fiber) and they are very healthy as a whole in the nation – much more healthy than the “average” American. Sugar is not demonic. Processed sugar is OVER consumed and therefore is unhealthy. Eating fruit, breads and other grains are essential to your well-being and people who talk like you do are the problem. Jeanette said moderation including sugar because people do eat sugar – too much and if it was in moderation, they would not feel deprived and break down and eat 3 donuts even though she had been very good (see darchoarch82 above).

        Potatoes, corn, fruit, many vegetables, dairy, pastas, grains, – all are sugar – beans!!!! carbs which turn into sugar in your body. And your body does not know the difference between the fructose, sucrose and so on. Carbs provide energy in a healthy diet. Sugar most certainly IS a food.

        Your list of foods the average Americans consume lgnored the rest of the sugars that are good for you to consume as I listed above. I am diabetic and I do not consume soda, processed foods, candies, energy drinks, commerical coffees – I still have to be careful to stay in moderation – but I do not cut all sugar. What Jeanette said is exactly right!

        • Avatar Scott says:

          Exactly. Food is not to blame. Over eating is. Stop trying to find some “hack” or quick fix. Dropping sugar will only make you want it. Find a plan that you CAN STICK TO. That’s the key. A moderate caloric deficit 20-25% under your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). .8g of protein per pound of body weight. Resistance training or whatever your capable of. Walking etc. I eat sugar, processed foods, fats, carbs, cake, cookies, ice cream, donuts, fast food, restaurant food and much more. I stay within a maintenance level caloric diet most of the year and go into a deficit for two to three months in early spring. I am 48 years old, less than 10% BF and I am in excellent health. There is no quick fix. Cutting out sugar will just lower your caloric intake it WILL NOT may you lose body fat. A caloric deficit is what’s needed for that.

          • Avatar Helen Hines says:

            Stop showing off!! Just because you have less than 10% BF doesn’t mean you know it all. Whatever works for you works for you but doesn’t mean fitness is a 1 size fits all. I didn’t take this articale as a quick fix motto, it was informative, more information is just good to know.

          • Avatar Cybill says:

            I don’t think Scott is showing off. He is making a point.

            CI less than CO is the only way to lose weight. You have to be at a deficit to burn fat. WHAT you eat does not matter for weight loss in general, although what you eat will drastically change how you feel and how healthy your body is.

            You can lose weight on any food, as long as the calories are less than what your body burns. Exercise isn’t even necessary for weight loss (although it makes it easier).

            I have lost 70 pounds in the last year this way.

          • Avatar Helen Hines says:

            I understand perfectly his point and yours as well but he doesn’t understand or believe what I said about sugar and cancer, and that’s my point.

          • Avatar Scott says:

            Thank u

          • Avatar annette says:

            Exercise is important at a certain point. I lost 230 lbs over the last 2 years. I exercise 90 minutes 6 days a week. moderation is the key. Protein is the most important element of my diet. But I eat everything, including suger. No soda or sugar drinks, because drinking calories is silly

          • Avatar Scott says:

            I’m making a point. Not showing off. A good healthy lean body is attainable with eating ALL KINDS OF FOODS INCLUDING SUGAR. I didn’t insult you. I worked very hard for my physique and I don’t appreciate you calling me a show off. It’s called proper knowledge.

          • Avatar Mike Evinesko says:

            “Exactly. Food is not to blame. Over eating is.”
            Why does someone overeat? What does that even mean beyond the obvious? Have you ever tried over-eating with anything that isn’t a high-carb food? It doesn’t work. You can certainly try, but you’ll get sick of eating long before you can actually reach the point where surplus calories will outweigh your bodies attempts to increase energy consumption.

            “Find a plan that you CAN STICK TO. That’s the key.”
            I agree with the sentence but you place emphasis on the wrong words. It should be “Find a plan that YOU can stick to.” Placing emphasis on “YOU” suggests that it is one’s responsibility to find a plan that THEY can stick to, rather than it being the plan’s responsibility to be able to be adhered to. In reality there is no diet plan or regimen that will work for everyone.

            .8g of protein per pound of body weight”

            For most people, that is more protein than they need. On the other hand, FOODS that are high in protein are typically more nutritious in general than foods that aren’t, i.e. cheese vs. ice cream, nuts vs. bread, eggs vs. cereal, etc.

            “Cutting out sugar will just lower your caloric intake it WILL NOT make you lose body fat.”

            Yet you claim that reducing caloric intake does make you lose body fat. If you’re going to be an asshole, at least be consistent about it.

            “Dropping sugar will only make you want it.”
            Bullshit. If you tried to cut sugar before, you obviously gave up pretty quickly. A week without sugar and just the thought of it makes me sick. It is pretty typical for sugar cravings to fade to near nonexistence once the cycle is broken.

            “A caloric deficit is what’s needed for that.”

            Despite studies that show that caloric deficits are not an effective method for lasting weight loss because caloric deficits slow metabolism and reduce energy consumption and typically correspond to a period of greater intake once the limits are removed.

            You have your causality wrong. You can eat all that shit and get away with it because you are healthy. You are not particularly predisposed to issues with such things, thus any perspective you have is limited only to those who, like you, are blessed with an easy to deal with metabolism. Those fat people that you obviously hate try 100 times harder than you, see almost no results, and get set back a week or two if they eat a donut.

            I feel it is necessary to ask again: Why do people overeat? And what does that mean? Anecdotally, the worst overeaters I know, really only overeat one thing: carbs. Hell, just look at the things that are usually overeaten. So why do people who overeat, overeat similar things? Could there possibly be some link between the shit they’re eating and their appetite problems?

          • Avatar Scott says:

            You respond and that great. But don’t call me an asshole. There’s blame being placed on everything else except the real culprits. Laziness and people who just want to make an excuse for their weightand health issues. There’s a balance needed. That’s not to say you HAVE TO cut out sugar. You need the right tools which most don’t have or know about. But saying “cut out sugar and you will lose weight” is rediculous. You could cut out many things and lose weight. The bottom line is there are things that are required and things that are used as tools to help weight loss. Caloric deficit is REQUIRED for body fat loss. I agree to low is not the answer either. Moderate deficit is what works well and a macro nutrient balance. Which can include sugar! With no ill effect on health or body composition. I’m guessing here. I have done and experimented with all different kinds of food, macronutrients, caloric intakes and speak from experience. Not from what a book or article said. So if you all want to cut sugar go ahead. You’ll find it’s not your answer eventually. Or atleast I hope you will.

          • Avatar Sophie Harms says:

            Holy troll, Batman!

          • Avatar Denise Marie Toomey says:

            Agreed, moderation is key. I’m currently on a 1200 calorie diet, and since starting I don’t even think about the calorie limit. I eat when I’m hungry, and still manage to stay within range. But, I’ve noticed since starting that I now consume a lot less dairy and bread products. Since making the change I feel a lot better. As I started making better choices I started eating less sugar. I still allow some sugar in my diet but, don’t eat nearly as much as I used to. There’s still seven layer bars in my house from Christmas, and they’re cut into small pieces. Whenever I have a craving for something sweet I eat one of those, and it’s just enough to curb my sweet tooth craving.

          • Avatar Michelle says:

            You may also have a naturally higher metabolism than most of us. My husband doesn’t work out (but he does have a very physical job) he also has a fierce sweet and salt tooth…not only is his BMI is very low, but he’s still in the same size jeans he wore in high school…36 years ago.

        • Avatar Michelle says:

          When we were in Jamaica, we toured a sugar plantation, and they gave us pieces of sugar cane to chew on. I wish you could buy those here…healthier than junk food, and kills what sugar cravings I get, and I get a LOT of them.

          • Avatar Pat Long Eroh says:

            I’m betting that the calories burned chewing the sugar cane took up at least part of the calorie intake. I’m annoyed with all of the arguments. People are confusing processed sugar with sugar. Fructose is a natural sugar that is a great energy booster. Sugar cane is also natural. There are carbs in vegetables. Sugar is not inherently evil. I do notice that when I eat more PROCESSED sugar – I crave more PROCESSED sugar. When I cut it out, I feel better. So people shouldn’t call each other names just because we disagree or we think other people just have that metabolism we wish we had. My girlfriend stayed thin as well while I gained but when I really looked close, while she did not eat great food she did it a lot less. So I’m sure I just buy that metabolism thing either.

      • Avatar Transplant11 says:

        You’re right, body doesn’t “need” candies, cakes and sweets to exist. But my body needs a little treat now and again, and baby carrots just don’t cut it. Knowing I can have a scoop of ice cream, a slice of pie, Girl Scout Thin Mints, or a tidbit of candy now and again keeps me happy with my generally healthy eating habits. As long as I stay within my calorie limits and don’t fill my diet with this, there’s no harm.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      I would eat bowls of sugar a day !! I’m sure I have at some point!!

      • Avatar Michelle says:

        Me too…via kids cereal. Capn Crunch (plain and crunchberries), Froot Loops…and I’m bad about grabbing a pinch of brown sugar. I LOVE that stuff.

        • Avatar Pat Long Eroh says:

          LOL – one of my favorite sneaky things I used to do. I have diabetes now and have refrained so far. I will solicit prays lol!

    • Avatar Michelle says:

      I love this post. I was an athlete–a runner, mainly, 9 miles a day almost every day, so I could afford my sweet tooth.
      But when I had my daughter, those disappeared and I got fat. Not chubby, fat. Since I love the sun, in the summer I looked like the daughter of the Michelin man and an Oompa Loompa. I finally got tired of being “the fat mom” on my daughter’s swim team, I went to my doctors– gynie and GP– and asked the best plan, diet, etc…and they BOTH looked at me and said… “More calories burned than eaten. For overall health, you need to get the proper nutrition, of course, but in the end, burn more than you consume. You can eat whatever you want as long as your burn more, and eat less.” So I managed to lose 45 pounds by not saying good bye to my favorite stuff.

  10. Avatar Trilby16 says:

    I’m training myself to look at that picture of donuts and picture big-bellied policemen, and not in a good way.

    • Avatar Flyercrazy says:

      You probably get all wet thinking about those “big bellied policemen”. Don’t bother calling one when someone is breaking into your house, they may leave a brown doughnut swirl on your steps for you to eat and rightfully should if they know how you feel about them; ungrateful biotch who knows not her head from her doughnut hole.

  11. Avatar darchoarse 82 says:

    Yeah- that’s my huge weakness and yesterday I broke my diet to eat 3 donuts

    • Avatar brutaljac says:

      Don’t think of it as “breaking” since that can lead to the “Why not, broke it already. One more wont ” thinking. instead “ok I ate three doughnuts” Then ask yourself. Did you enjoy them? Did they taste the same or leave a nasty film in your mouth or make you feel sick? Then next time you crave a doughnut think of how you felt after this. and if you still want one. get one and enjoy it.

  12. Avatar darchoarse 82 says:

    I was told to take 2 weeks off of Supplements/ Protein shakes and the gym.
    I enjoy them taking supplements/ shakes and I enjoy the daily’s and not straying away from my diet. Now I find myself wanting candy/donuts- cheese and Other things-I can’t have and then become very sick BC of amt of sugar/sodium- I may be consuming.

    I’m going to finish out the week strong- next wk go back the supplements/ shakes- And hit the gym- hardcore/crossfit and -then come to an clear understanding with food and things I can no longer consume or have other bring into the house or Ofc.

    • Avatar Debbie says:

      I have started drinking the EAS protein drink…it has 100 calories, 15 g protein, 5 carbs and NO sugars… sometimes I eat a small apple with it and it fills me up until lunch, which is maybe about 3 hrs later and sometimes longer if I’m drinking water as well.

  13. Avatar darchoarse 82 says:

    When I’m on my regimen- I eat 5 small meals so I don’t stray.
    If I’m out of the office- I’ll Jars of salads, bags of veggies/ fruit and flavored water or I’ll make a smoothie salad with fruit/ veggies- no dressing. That has been a winner so far

  14. Avatar Leslie Kain says:

    My husband has WAY too much sugar! His “sign” is his belly fat; he looks 5 months pregnant (he used to be fairly trim when I met him 15 years ago).. It’s nothing *I’m* feeding him … he puts 3 heaping spoonfuls in his coffee (3-4 cups/day), a heaping spoonful on his breakfast fruit, mini candy bars twice a day, … Do that while also aging and not exercising, and you get that dangerous belly fat!! All my cajoling & pleading goes for naught …

  15. Avatar Helen Hines says:

    The less I eat sugar the less I have been craving it! Be aware, surger causes cancer and its cancer’s main source of fuel to thrive!

    • Avatar Scott says:


      • Avatar Helen Hines says:

        YES!!! It is very true, sugar does cause cancer and the main source of food for cancer is sugar. Look up the truth about cancer: “A Global Quest” The true history of chemo & pharmaceutical monopoly. It seems like you need to educate yourself on proper nutrition before opposing to something you have absolutely no idea about!

        • Avatar Cybill says:

          From the Mayo Clinic (leading cancer clinic):

          Myth: People with cancer shouldn’t eat sugar, since it can cause cancer to grow faster. Fact: Sugar doesn’t make cancer grow faster. All cells, including cancer cells, depend on blood sugar (glucose) for energy. But giving more sugar to cancer cells doesn’t speed their growth.

          I would not believe a documentary over peer-based study. The people Bollinger interviewed are not the world’s leading doctors, but infamous characters whose non-science-based views are notorious.

          • Avatar Helen Hines says:

            FYI…They are real doctors throughout the world and not just in America but throughout other countries stating the true SCIENTIFIC FACTS about cancer and sugar. These doctors are not your typical mainstream doctors that don’t know shit about nutrition. These doctors are going against the mainstream, what they were generally taught in medical schools. Medical schools and big pharmaceutical companies work together in brain washing medical students, future doctors who’s only concern isn’t to help cure the sick but to keep them from getting well. If all doctors did what they are really suppose to do, business would become very slow due to too many healthy people. The only thing that keeps the big pharmaceutical companies in business is keeping the public sick not well!!! The only main thing that medical students are taught are drugs, which drugs are used for which ailment. Writing prescriptions after prescriptions using drugs to solve all problems but drug don’t solve all illnesses it cause more ailment than curing the sick. I don’t believe everything I see or read but I do have common sense and after watching the most amazing educational video it was hard not to believe what all the doctors were saying about the general health in out society today and literally help me change my life. You can believe what you want but I choose to believe what the professional people say than someone who is too blind to see the truth. After watching this life saving video on cancer, it helped confirm my doubts about the medical industry. My dad was murdered from the people who were suppose to help him!!!

          • Avatar Mac Duff says:

            So was one of my uncles who was murdered by the medical industry. More like the medical quackery!

          • Avatar Michelle says:

            Not “all” doctors. I have always made sure my family doctors were of a “prescription only if nothing else works” attitude.
            My daughter’s pediatrician combined diet, natural remedies and modern medicine when he treats his patients, only prescribed medicine as a last resort, was careful with vaccines, and when I first heard about this “sugar causes cancer” hype he rolled his eyes. He says since cancer is the body attacking itself, everyone is born with cancer, we just don’t know what triggers it, since every case is different. And he always said his most successful patients were the ones he hardly ever saw because they never got sick. Like my kid.
            My dr is the same way…he’s 87, still practicing, does yoga, walks every day (used to run but quit at 70 because it was getting too hard on his knees). He says it’s all chemistry…too much of one substance, or a lethal combination of substances in the right amount at the right time..will set in in motion. And he ALSO doesn’t prescribe medication as a rule of thumb…he’ll make us try herbals, OTC or natural remedies for common ailments before whipping out the scripts. My gynie was like that too..although I WILL say that your opinion on the current medical professionals being produces may have some meat to it, as I had a hellacious time finding a new gynie with that same “Script as a last resort” philosophy.

          • Avatar Mac Duff says:

            The Mayo Clinic has a motive to want people to be sick. How come? Business is business. They wouldn’t want us all walking around in good health. How would a bunch of healthy folks bring in the trillions (yes trillions!) the health care industry collects each year from the government, the insurance companies and the citizenry??? Don’t ignore the underlying motives of individuals and groups hell bent on keeping their jobs and livelihoods!!!

        • Avatar Scott says:

          Read one study and your an expert? Believe me honey I know a lot more than you.

          • Avatar Helen Hines says:

            No, you think you do but sadly you don’t. It’s stubborn muel headed people like you who don’t grow much in the brain bcuz you refuse to be more open minded and do some research on this subject b4 slamming it down on others refusing to believe the truth. Hmmm, let’s see, who am I going to believe, another Mr know it all meat head or scientists, nutrition alist, dietitians, & lastly, renoun doctors around the world who all agree and has scientific proof that cancer feeds on surgar!! I think it’s common sense to believe the educated professionals over the know it all Buffy the meat head. And fyi, I didn’t just read 1 article it’s more like many, allot of articles and watched total of 8 videos on this matter.

          • Avatar Scott says:

            Funny how you throw out a whole lot of insults when all I initially said was “wrong”. Plus my education speaks for itself….PHD in cellular physiology and biophysics and Master of Science program in Management Science and Engineering from Columbia University.
            Not such a “stubborn headed mule-meat head” now huh. I have done extensive studies in nutrition. Researched based and my own personal research on myself.
            Don’t poke at people you know nothing about. Your research is pertaining to a study that has not been show to be conclusive in humans. Please check YOUR knowledge before striking out. If you have an issue with sugar. Great. That’s your problem. Leave the science to ones who know. Not the internet search you did.

          • Avatar Helen Hines says:

            Scott, I am sorry for the insults, that was uncalled for and I do apologize for being emature. However, I must agree to disagree. As much as you seem educated and have done your own research, I myself have done plenty and found to be true. I may not be as educated as you are with your PHD university degrees but just because you have a piece of paper hanging on your wall still doesn’t constitute your word is concrete. You can have all the education in the world but in my opinion, if you don’t have common sense it doesn’t say much. I’m good with not agreeing with you. Have a good day…..;)))

          • Avatar Scott says:

            Well thank you. Apologie excepted. I may have come off slightly condescending myself.

          • Avatar Misha says:

            I was enjoying the conversations, but Scott with someone having earned a PhD, your spelling and grammar is suspect…

          • Avatar Kitty Sheridan says:

            Why does his “piece of paper” mean less than that of one of your renegade documentary doctors…? Why is their word and your personal research more “concrete” than his? Just asking…

        • Avatar Michelle says:

          Oh, please…since cancer is basically white blood cells run amok, EVERYONE is BORN with cancer. What triggers it is the mystery. I don’t believe anything “causes” cancer…I DO believe that an overabundance of certain substances TRIGGER it, whether it be sun, smoking, chew, whatever and even THAT is based on the person.

        • Avatar Pat Long Eroh says:

          What makes SOME people who smoke get lung cancer and some people who never smoke STILL get lung cancer while others who smoke do not get lung cancer. It is NOT sugar. I could be second hand smoke but I know of cases where a woman who didn’t even stay around anyone who smoked had lung cancer.

          So given a predisposition for cancer and some possible exposure to environmental factor – but that just increases your chances. No guarantee either way. Avoiding PROCESSED sugars is good for your overall health but there is no evidence that processed sugar causes cancer. There is even less evidence for that than there is smoking causing lung cancer and while there does seem to be a correlation for smoking and cancer, don’t limit your sources of information. There is a lot of reasons for people to condemn big pharma but not all are based in fact.

    • Avatar Mac Duff says:

      Sugar causes and feeds bad cells which are trying to destroy your body. 50+% of Americans get cancer now and half of them die as a direct result of cancer. The statistics are alarming and beyond scary if you take a long moment to consider. Who wants to die of cancer? I’ve lost good friends, family, clients, etc. to cancer – people in their 30s, 40s, 50s who went decades before their time because cancer ate away everything.

  16. Avatar Shakira Strange says:

    I know its been a month since this article was posted but I hope the author can answer a question. I know carbs turn into sugar in the body. So, are sugar cravings the same as carb cravings? I might not want a doughnut but I’ll kill for some noodles!

    • Avatar Mike Evinesko says:

      Most people hardly even realize carb cravings are carb cravings, they just think they’re hungry. Sugar cravings and carb cravings can overlap but are in essence two separate things.

  17. Avatar FlighBye says:

    Am diabetic and have never seen an article that links acne and sugar, but I noticed this correlation in myself a couple of years ago. Thank you for covering it. Every body is different. I’ve never had a cavity (good genetics?) but I have experienced all the other signs except foods not tasting sugary enough. In fact, as I monitor my blood glucose, I often notice some foods are too sweet. If I ate 2 of those donuts, I’d end up sleeping for at least 3 hours. I do not advocate eliminating sugar. Our bodies need this element but not nearly as much as we tend to take in.

  18. Avatar Rexford70 says:

    I’m having a problem with the blanket statements that are made that sugar is bad for me. Really! I agree , that in excess of anything is harmful and that includes Sugar however with the people who running the DIET World. I ask this question:
    How much sugar does the Brain and the body ” need’ to function properly?
    Is there any ” Scientific” information that is able to give that information?
    Notice that I did not say: Diet Professionals, I said Scientific Data to back up those claims and as an individual what are my sugar needs vs someone elses?

  19. Avatar Karisma says:

    Hi guys!!
    These last days , I haven’t been able to stop eating sweets and chocolates and sugary things. Every time I feel like eating more and more sugar, and it’s turning into anxiety.
    I dont even feel like doing excersise, it’s like lack of energy. What can I do to eliminate all that sugar ?

    • Avatar Transplant11 says:

      Three weeks ago, right around the holidays. Get the sweets and treats out of the house…you can’t eat what isn’t there.

      Get online to see what foods work best to cure the withdrawals. Drink lots of water.

  20. Avatar Lawrence E Cooke says:

    All this talk about sugar, diet, exercise and how it/or they impact people. This talk and concern seems like a program of elimination through attrition.

  21. Avatar Mac Duff says:

    Sugar is the devil’s playground. All sugar is the same but if you must have sugar, try to consume it in a piece of fresh fruit (canned without syrup if you must) and steer clear of sugar in breads, processed foods and dairy at all costs.

    • Avatar Michelle says:

      Believe it or not there are some of us who don’t like hardly any fruits. I like tangelos, watermelon, grapes and green apples, and I’m picky about those–the taste comes and goes. Tangelos and watermelon are mainly seasonal…the year round watermelon is mealy and yuck; grapes I’ll buy but they usually go bad before I eat them all. Breads…my favorites are the 100% grain varieties, whole wheat and rye.

  22. Avatar Mandalay83br says:

    good lord, the acne thing.. I recently began noticing that!

    • Avatar Michelle says:

      I’ve noticed that too, mainly when I cave in to my caramel addiction. It’s my own personal crack. Now I just envision zits on my 51 year old face and it really does keep me from buying those yummy, chewy, sticky Werther’s (or Kraft if I’m desperate) caramels.

  23. Avatar Kristian Comeaux says:

    this is how I am now with salt and sugar. after a long period of time of consciously eating less of it, I immediately notice its presence in my food, especially if there is too much of it.

  24. Avatar lc says:

    Please remove the donuts pic….it calls to me on the right sided of my screen every time i read the other articles in here. Its not helping me out here!

  25. Avatar Don Reitsma says:

    My eyelids became enflamed and felt like sand scratching my eyes. The optometrist didn’t know what to make of it and it got so bad I would sleep with my contact lenses in because it was more comfortable. I thought it was my contact lenses that were causing the problem and started wearing glasses but the problem did not clear up. My eyes were so blodshot all the time I used eyedrops several times per day. My GP just shrugged his shoulders too amd didn’t have an answer. I stopped esting sugar and processed foods and haven’t had a problem since.

  26. Avatar Laura says:

    People please educate yourselves! For a start, please watch ‘Forks over knives’ – an excellent documentary addressing the leading cause of CANCER, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart failures and many more. Weight loss on low carb diet is only a short term solution, and it is demaging your body. Carbs are not the enemy! 🙂

  27. Avatar Paul Sikkema says:

    Cut out sugar and all corn based sweeteners for 3 weeks. All sugar cravings will disappear. You’ll even be able to pass on the picture at the beginning of this article. All that’s left then is the kicking the habit of scanning the candy rack at the convenience store.

  28. Avatar Michelle says:

    Sugar is probably my biggest issue, too. I have a massive sweet tooth, inherited from my father (thanks Dad), and the best way I’ve found to manage it is to just not have it in the house. Unfortunately, I married a man who has a sweet tooth bigger than mine and a metabolism that blasts the calories into oblivion before they hit his stomach, so we always have sweets in the house. I just buy sweets that I don’t care for…orange soda, peanut clusters, (but not double dipped chocolate peanuts, I can’t resist those, weird, huh?)…that way if I get one of my chew my finger off sugar cravings, I can just grab one of those. I won’t even eat a whole one. I DONT buy donuts…or ice cream I love (cookies n cream, fudge brownie nut, green tea, vanilla bean), and I NEVER buy caramels. They are my CRACK, and I’ll eat the whole bag before I realize what I’m doing.

  29. Avatar Wren says:

    I am guilty of demonizing food! Lol. Yes, I tell my family and friends what they don’t want to hear about what they’re eating. It can be traumatizing! I hate watching the diabetes decline & going to blood pressure funerals! Between the preservatives also listed as drugs and the issues they cause to the long term problems a bad diet can cause? At least they can’t say no one told them. Reduced activity with the kids is when I probably will shout about that one cuz I am like? To prefer crappy food more than being able to play with the child you brought into this world? Get up & throw the #$$” ball! I also tell them to look at ingredients & skip the 1st 5 or so. Look up the ones after that. Funny though lol. I see nothing wrong with that.

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