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8 Energizing Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

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With so many trendy functional beverages out there, people are ditching plain old java left and right. From drinks rooted in popular herbal medicine ingredients to better-for-you takes on energy drinks, whatever your need (or taste), there’s an interesting new drink out there just waiting to give you a boost.

Need a break from the same old cup of joe? Check out one of these morning-worthy drinks, instead.



If you love the energy boost of coffee but want to tone the buzz down a notch, matcha — which is made by grounding up green tea leaves — is a great alternative.

Yes, matcha does contain some caffeine (about as much as green tea; typically 25–29 milligrams per 8-ounce cup), but it also contains the amino acid l-theanine, which is known to support relaxation.

In addition to matcha’s smooth boost, Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Matcha With Lion’s Mane drink mix also contains lion’s mane mushrooms and the adaptogenic herb astragalus, to support focus and immunity, respectively. A touch of ginger adds flavor and makes this mix stomach-soothing.



You probably haven’t heard much about chlorophyll since middle school science class, but this green plant pigment has officially made its way into our diet. Believed to be an antioxidant — and rich in vitamins — chlorophyll is the latest superfood ingredient added to energizing beverages.

Chlorophyll Water, which bottles the green goodness, contains water, chlorophyll, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12 to support energy and well-being. To avoid any fish tank-like flavor, Chlorophyll Water also contains organic lemon juice and natural spearmint.



One of the most popular green powders in the game, Athletic Greens contains 75 natural nutrients to support everything from healthy aging to digestion and energy. In addition to a whole slew of vitamins and minerals, Athletic Greens also contains greens and veggies, herbs, probiotics and even mushrooms. Sweetened with stevia, this green powder promises great flavor that you won’t need to mask in a smoothie. Just add to water, shake, sip and get moving.



If your mornings typically involve some sort of workout, swap your cup of joe (or that bright bottle of sports drink) for one of the popular new Organic Electrolyte Drinks from Nooma.

Nooma’s drinks combine electrolyte-containing coconut water with hydration-boosting pink Himalayan salt (and natural flavors and sweeteners) for a tasty, caffeine-free way to provide your body with the minerals it needs to stay revved through your toughest workouts and mornings. Flavors like Chocolate Mint and Blueberry Peach keep every fueling sip interesting.



Made with naturally energizing cacao, along with a variety of energy-boosting mushrooms (including Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps), MUD/WTR is an organic coffee alternative rooted in traditional health remedies.)

Since a serving contains 1/7 the caffeine of coffee, MUD\WTR can be helpful for those looking to avoid the jitters and crash that sometimes comes with java.

This drink mix keeps it simple, adding only cinnamon and sea salt to its recipe for a pleasant, earthy flavor. In addition to its energizing ingredients, this drink powder also contains the anti-inflammatory herb turmeric.



Yerba mate is made from the leaves of a South American-native holly plant — and Guayaki Traditional Yerba Mate is the most popular way to try it out.

According to Guayaki, yerba mate contains about as much caffeine as coffee, with every bottle of traditional mate containing 140 milligrams. In addition to the buzz, mate also provides antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids to support overall health.



The first good-for-you energy drink that gets its kick from matcha, MatchaBar’s Hustle Sparkling Matcha Energy Drink is an easy, feel-good way to power up on-the-go.

A can of the Classic Lemon Lime flavor contains 120 milligrams of caffeine for 70 calories, and is made with high-quality matcha, cane sugar, green tea extract and lemon and lime extracts.

Like with other matcha-based beverages, MatchaBar’s drinks also come with the added benefit of soothing l-theanine and antioxidants.



A good ol’ glass of vegetable juice probably isn’t what you crave when you need a boost in the morning — so V8 got smart and created its canned V8 + Energy drinks. Made with green tea extract, a can of V8 +Energy contains 80 milligrams of caffeine, along with fruit and vegetable juice, and a bunch of energy-boosting B vitamins. In fact, every drink contains a serving of fruits or vegetables — so you can feel good about sipping. Flavors like Pomegranate Blueberry and Black Cherry keep your taste buds happy.

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