71 Easy Ways to Exercise More in 2018

Kevin Gray
by Kevin Gray
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71 Easy Ways to Exercise More in 2018

Between all of life’s demands, it’s not always easy to find time for fitness. But there are plenty more ways to work out than you may realize — and they don’t involve a gym. With a little creativity, you can incorporate short bouts of movement and exercise into your day — and even have fun doing it.

Check out these 71 easy ways to turn your life into a workout. Pick your favorites, or do them all — because all of us can benefit from a bit more activity.


Did we miss one? Add your easy way to turn your life into a workout in the comments below.

About the Author

Kevin Gray
Kevin Gray

Kevin is a Dallas-based writer who spends the majority of his weekends on a bike. His less healthy pursuits can be found at Bevvy and Cocktail Enthusiast.


11 responses to “71 Easy Ways to Exercise More in 2018”

  1. Marilee Jikey says:

    All good ideas. Make it a game to try and figure out how to do physical stuff the hard way. xo

  2. Jennifer C says:

    I have two more tricks I do: I do modified pushups off the kitchen counter while waiting for water to heat for tea, the microwave, etc. I also work from home and decided I’d use the restroom in the basement, so I get in a flight of stairs each time.

  3. Miles Andrews says:

    I recommend joining a traditional karate class and making the commitment to stick with it for at least a year. The training will get inside your head and you’ll see all kinds of positive things happening in your life besides just fitness.

  4. Stephanie Hibbert says:

    Put music on and dance while washing the dishes or cooking. Hang your washing up instead of using a dryer.

  5. Edeltraud says:

    Do a full boy stretch & a few foot & hand circles before getting out of bed … sets the tone for an active day.
    Also, put fitness activities in your date book, it helps with commitment.

  6. Brynne Nicolsen says:

    Great ideas, but I don’t think I’d recommend getting a dog solely for the purpose of walking it. That’s a big commitment! Maybe instead volunteer to walk dogs at a local shelter? Or volunteer to pet-sit a friend’s dog?

  7. Eliza spear says:

    How about some ideas for the not so young but needing to get fit crowd? Us seniors could do with some ideas to get started with.

  8. Thanks for such a great article. There are so many ways and habits that we can develop
    in our daily lives to get a bit of exercise, even if we do not have time to go to a gym. Taking stairs two at a time is a great way to get some cardio or simply taking a walk during office lunch hours is an effective way to get rid of that back pain that nags all the while one sits.

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