6 Ways to Burn 200 Calories in 30 Minutes or Less

Macaela Mackenzie
by Macaela Mackenzie
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6 Ways to Burn 200 Calories in 30 Minutes or Less

Torching 200 calories is right in the sweet spot of calorie-burning goals — at the gym, it’s a decent workout (and, if you do it right, you can check boxes for both cardio and strength training). Outside the gym, there are plenty of ways to burn 200 calories in half an hour or less that make for an awesome addition to your regular workout schedule. Either way, these six sweat sessions earn you results you can be proud of.

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Macaela Mackenzie
Macaela Mackenzie

Macaela is a writer based in New York City with a passion for all things active. When she’s not writing about the weirdest fitness trends or nutrition news, you can find her conquering her fear of heights at the rock climbing gym, hitting the pavement in Central Park or trying to become a yogi. To see Macaela’s latest work, visit macaelamackenzie.com.


9 responses to “6 Ways to Burn 200 Calories in 30 Minutes or Less”

  1. Avatar JJ Ness says:

    Great tips and ideas, but I think the calorie expenditure is calibrated to individuals who are probably at least 150lbs? At my size and weight I don’t even burn 200 calories running, and certainly not biking, for 20 minutes. It would be great to see some ranges based on individual size.

    • Avatar WTFReally? says:

      It depends on your pace too. It is a complex formula but these are good guidelines. Keep in mind if you are only, say, 120 lbs your caloric intake is smaller too. But proportionate to your intake a 20 minute exercise yields appropriate caloric expenditure.

      So If you are 120 lbs and run a very modest 10 minute mile for 20 minutes you will burn about 180 calories. It isn’t 200, but as a % of your consumption, it is comparable to someone 150 lbs doing the same.

  2. Avatar Derek says:

    The reason we eat is calories, why would anyone want to burn them?

  3. Avatar Jennifer H says:

    So what you are really saying is just exercise for 30 mins?

  4. Avatar Ash Shepherd says:

    You don’t lose weight from exercise (many many studies have proven this). There are multiple other (great) adaptations that come from exercise, but losing weight is not one of them. The only way to lose weight is through calorie deficit – use more daily energy than you shove down your neck!!

    • Avatar lookingahead says:

      “The only way to lose weight is through calorie deficit – use more daily energy than you shove down your neck!!” So you mean use more daily energy by burning calories? Perhaps exercise would do that…

      • Avatar Anonymous Is A Woman says:

        Exercise can certainly contribute to a calorie deficit. But without diet, an overweight person who needs to steadily lose a pound or two a week won’t get there. It’s possible to lose weight at a decent pace without ever exercising. But it is more difficult because you have to cut more calories.And it’s harder to maintain weight loss without exercise – lots of studies show that’s where a good exercise routine really shines. Maintenance.

        But you can out eat your exercising very easily. You burn 200 calories but the doughnut or extra bagel you eat as a reward for that hard work will still trip you up. That’s why people say you need to pay attention to your diet.

        BTW, even though exercise is excellent for health, even there, you can out eat the best exercise plan if you stuff yourself with junk afterwards. We all really need a combination of activity and proper nutrition. Every bodybuilder, runner, athlete, and dancer eats to train as well as trains to eat.

  5. Avatar chalkmonkey says:

    I don’t see 6 ways, I see one way. False advertising. This is the problem with this site, all holler and fluff, very little substance. & the comments by self appointed experts don’t help. Exercise does make a difference, i know this because of my own experience. Focusing too much on weight loss doesn’t help either. Be good to your body, do things that nourish your soul.

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