5 Common Fitness Resolutions and How to Achieve them this Year

Brittany Risher
by Brittany Risher
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5 Common Fitness Resolutions and How to Achieve them this Year

Any trainer will tell you: The January rush at gyms and fitness studios is real. Some of that crowd is regulars getting back to their routines after the holidays. Many others are newbies looking to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

“The most common goal from returning or new clients is to be more consistent and dedicated to taking care of themselves,” says Under Armour Training Team member Kari Woodall, owner of BLAZE. “Most are not new to working out; they are just struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make fitness and nutrition a priority in their daily routine.”

You can probably relate. So we asked Woodall and other UA Training Team members what New Year’s resolutions clients ask them for help with most often. Use their tips to make 2018 the year your resolutions become lasting lifestyle changes.

“If you want to make stability, muscular endurance and strength gains, you need to commit to three times a week,” Woodall says. She recommends signing up for a camp or other class for about six weeks. That way it’s on your calendar, you’ve paid money and you’re less likely to back out. Plus, if you’re a cardio junkie, you can still get your fix the other days of the week.

Sure, committing to your workouts will likely help you re-shape your body. But even better, working out and being around positive trainers, group fitness instructors and people in your classes will help you gain confidence. “It’s not the outfit that makes us, we make the outfit,” says Marc Coronel, senior master course instructor for TRX, TriggerPoint and LifeFitness. “If you’re consistent in coming to class and inhaling the daily dose of love and confidence-builders, then you will work your way to a more confident you — one who will feel dead sexy wearing a garbage bag.” Or a bikini, which may be more comfortable at the pool or beach.

Whether it’s your first 5K, adventure race or triathlon, signing up for a race is a great way to push out of your comfort zone and break fitness barriers. In addition to running (and/or biking or swimming), don’t forget to cross-train for your race. “Functional classes at most gyms are fantastic preparation and compliments for running, swimming and cycling,” Woodall says. Try classes such as boot camps, TRX or others that use bodyweight and other types of resistance training.


Losing weight is challenging, and as with anything that’s hard, it’s best to have someone on the journey with you. “We are wired for a connection and belonging, and we are influenced by the people we spend time with,” says athletic performance coach Brian Nguyen. So find someone who can join you to cook, try new fitness classes, go on adventures like hiking and SUP and do other healthy pursuits. Not only will they keep you accountable, you’ll also enjoy these things more, and that leads to lifestyle changes.

This resolution may not seem fitness-related, but hear Woodall out: “The time you put into your fitness is ultimately 10X’d. Regular fitness classes fuel more than a healthy body; they help with self-esteem, productivity and stress levels and simultaneously set a good example for those around you,” she says. So make fitness a priority, knowing you are simultaneously making yourself a priority so you can be your best at all the many roles — friend, dad, sister, co-worker, etc. — you play in your day.

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Brittany Risher
Brittany Risher

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