4 Ways Podcasts Can Improve Your Daily Walk

by Emma Sklarin
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4 Ways Podcasts Can Improve Your Daily Walk

If you really think about it, walking is the original centering practice of humankind: The rhythm of our steps beats through our legs as well as our minds when we walk. This makes walks a great time to think — to mentally refocus on the big-picture aspects of our lives, like our health and fitness goals. While it can be hard to motivate to go for a walk, we’re always happy when we do.

One way to motivate and honor that brain-body connection of walking is through podcasts. They’re informative, relaxing and make the time fly — plus, you’ll start to look forward to them, which means you’ll ultimately look forward to your walks, too.

Here are four ways podcasts can reinvigorate your walking routine:


Having something entertaining to look forward to each time you walk is a great way to get into a regular walking routine. Once you discover the podcast series you love, you’ll look forward to the next episode like you do with your favorite TV shows. Let yourself get hooked on a podcast series — it’ll get you out the door and active!

Listen to: TheJillian Michaels Show for a kick of motivation from the infamous “Biggest Loser” trainer, along with a dose of snappy humor, or “The Rich Roll Podcast for insights from a vegan ultra-endurance athlete. Both hosts are entertaining and authentic, drawing you in from the start.


It can be hard to carve out time to think about our goals in the midst of our busy schedules, but your daily walk can be the perfect time to focus. Tune out the distractions around you by tuning into a motivational or educational podcast. If you prioritize walking as a way to spend time on yourself, you’ll feel rejuvenated after each session.

Listen to:Inspire Nation” is the perfect feel-good podcast to keep you centered with talks on meditation, spirituality and finding your best self.


Listening to podcasts can be a great way to learn about the latest fitness trends. The world of podcasts is wide-ranging, which means it’s not hard to find a series on the exact topic you’d like to explore. From success stories to fitness tips and nutrition studies, walking to any episode can re-energize your body and mind all at once.

Listen to:Ben Greenfield Fitness” is a good place to start, with in-depth exercise and nutrition advice from experts in a variety of fields.



The best fitness podcasts feel like pep talks, boosting your motivation and making it easy to go the miles. Another perk? The time will fly by with an expert in your ear. You might want to hear the next episode and end up going the extra half hour … or three.

Listen to: For inspiring success stories that’ll make you want to keep walking, listen to “Half Size Me,” a podcast hosted by a mom who lost 170 pounds herself.

Whether it’s with voices we love or trusted shows you already know, podcasts can bring fresh energy to your walking routine. It’s up to you to decide what to do with all of your discoveries and newfound wisdom.

About the Author

Emma Sklarin

A runner and a triathlete, Emma loves combining her favorite things – writing and great workouts. Emma is a student at Dartmouth College, where she studies Creative Writing and races for the Dartmouth Triathlon Team. She is a San Francisco native, where the views and trails never get old.


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