4 Tips to Control Your Fitness Destiny

by Jacob Warwick
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4 Tips to Control Your Fitness Destiny

I promote reality… and humans are a mixed bag. Our perception of underweight and overweight differ. Our perception of strength and weakness differ. Our perception of beauty and perfection differ. We differ, and that’s okay!

1. Stay Positive

What we think, we become. We need to focus our energy on being positive and breeding more positivity. There is no “all encompassing miracle diet” or some plan that works for everyone. It begins and ends with you.

2. Keep health top-of-mind

Think about making healthy decisions. Eliminate thoughts of doubt, depression, and negativity. Often times this is easier said than done. Remember, you cannot jump from one extreme to the other. Your consistency and devotion will yield rewards. It all starts with a top-of-mind approach.

3. Set achievable goals that move you forward

I recommend starting with small obtainable goals. Wake up early, drink water, and walk. (For a full breakdown, check back with my first post, “How One Man Went from Average to Athlete (You Can Do It, Too!)” It’s important to build a foundation for your healthy empire. Succeeding at these goals will help boost self-confidence and provide motivation to continue.

4. Don’t be afraid to go it alone

It would be great if we could all surround ourselves with health conscious individuals, get answers to all of our questions, and have a personal trainer — but that luxury isn’t always in our circumstances. It is important to be our own beacon of hope, strength, and motivation. With that positive attitude, we begin to attract more positivity in our lives.

Stay healthy and fit my friends.


  • Adam Trainor

    Staying positive is great advice, but I’ve found most people struggle with “chasing out” negative thoughts. I’ve found that staying positive is more about living with the negativity. It’s going to come up. You can’t will away thoughts. in fact, I’ve found, trying to will them away almost makes them stronger.

    When I get those thoughts that would beat me down I call them out, out loud sometimes, if nobody else is around. It’s a technique I’ve learned from meditating called “noting.” It works like this: thought comes in, like “I’m not getting results.” I don’t let that thought alone. My thought process, once I catch myself thinking the thought is: “That’s a thought. It’s negative. It’s a negative body perception thought.” As soon as I do this my mind lets go of the negative thought and I can move on.

    Hope it helps!

    • Very good advice Adam. Meditation is a powerful outlet and “noting” is an excellent way to describe negative thoughts. I will start labeling it like this from now on.